The Pig Barn – a poem

By Lauren Schwab Dad named this room L for left then this room R for right not L for Lauren or R for Ryan though that’s what my mom would like to think   The L room is always fed first “Good morning girls, it’s breakfast time!” their grunts and banging on the feeders stirs […]

Simply Simplicity…

  By Lauren Schwab To feel the innocence of lying in cool wet green grass as your brown curls dampen from the mist of the morning dew.  Your Ivy green eyes ponder up towards the pink sky and orange sun.  A kitten with light sun burnt orange soft hair approaches your tummy and nestles itself into […]

Passion for Piglets

Welcome to Farm Girl With Curls You Tube channel. I will be vlogging about my life on the farm while inspiring you to live with passion and purpose to honor God as He created us and all of our Earth’s land, air and its creatures. p.s. the piglet has some scratches on his face from […]

Fear is an invitation to have Faith

By Lauren Schwab After a stressful day tending to my piglets and cats, I left church Monday evening being reminded by Beth Moore, “Fear is an invitation from God to have faith.” I needed those words to press through the heaviness my heart felt for the health of my animals. This past weekend my cat […]

And on the eighth day, God made a farmer…

By Lauren Schwab It can be difficult to explain the tears and fears of farm life with out having experienced it first hand. While farmers often face heartache and loss due to uncontrollable circumstances, the sun usually begins to shine just after the worst part of the storm has hit home. The most challenging, yet […]

What’s Your Brand?

By Lauren Schwab What do people think of when they hear your name? I have come to realize my name associates me with something. I have a love an adoration for my piglets, things that sparkle, and leading young women! And I have become known for some of these specific things. In fact, I will be occasionally […]