Are you a lightworker?

By Lauren Schwab I have prayed many days of my life for God to allow me to be a leader for Him and agriculture all the days of my life. This is what I have done, am doing and will continue to do so long as I pray this prayer. I have always felt called […]

Out with the old, in with the new

  The last standing pig hut my dad built in the 1970’s, my brother and my hand prints in the concrete of our pig show barn By Lauren Schwab I remember when my whole world revolved around the thoughts of entertaining other and pleasing my friends. The independent actions I have taken in my early […]

“TRANSITION is God’s way of PROMOTION,” Jerry Savelle

Our Farmland By Lauren Schwab From time to time I find myself standing in the barnyard pondering at the sky. I almost feel an invisible bubble has been placed around our farmland we have come to know and center our lives around. While we are often in this bubble as a family we are not […]