Farm Dirt

   By Lauren Schwab Merriam Webster defines “dirt” as : loose earth or soil : a substance (such as mud or dust) that makes things unclean : a person or thing that has no value While many may see no value in dirt, my world and values are built on it. The loose earth and […]

He who begins a good work, shall be faithful to complete it

By Lauren Schwab In honor of the labor of those who tend to the land and it’s creatures, I share with you and excerpt from The Wisdom of the Native Americans by Kent Nerburn: “When you begin a great work you can’t expect to finish it all at once; therefore do you and your brothers […]

The Temple of Nature

    By Lauren Schwab Despite living and working surrounded in nature, my mind can easily be caught in the chaos of modern life, it’s demands and hours spent behind a computer or phone screen. How often do we allow ourselves to be grounded, literally barefoot with our toes touching the soil and face staring […]