Feelin’ Good

By Lauren Schwab As another year comes to pass, I have felt it all. Sadness, regret, fear, loneliness, anxiety, tiredness, exhaustion and pain. Despite this, I have felt happiness, clarity, hope, anticipation, excitement, fulfillment and gratitude. ┬áIt is easy to let our negatives outweigh the positives and it is also easy to let them get […]

Don’t Commit Spiritual Suicide – Read Before Making New Year Resolutions!

By Lauren Schwab I have come to learn there will never be a perfect time in your life to accomplish your dreams, you have to create it. Don’t be comfortable and satisfied in life. When you are not pursuing your goals you are literally committing spiritual suicide. When you have a goal that stretches you […]

You Are Limitless

By Lauren Schwab How bad do you want success? Do you really want it or just kind of want it? Do you love sleep more than success? My dad doesn’t. Right now I should already be in bed because when the clock strikes 4 a.m. oinks are calling for me. For my dad, when the […]

Cling to God like a Cat

By Lauren Schwab When I walk through the barnyard, my cats love to follow me. They cling to my every step. They need me and long to be by my side. They beg for their morning can of cat food, standing on their hind legs with their front paws in the air, looking up at […]