A farmer’s daughter with curly pig tails to tell…


By Lauren Schwab

Well Hi!

Thanks for thinking enough of a curly haired farm girl with a slight piglet and cat obsession. My hope is for you to find smiles and comfort that just may fill an empty space or light a spark in you to think about your place in this world a little differently than before you read my writing. My writing is a form of passion and creativity. A method of transcribing and sharing the good work God does in my life through the pressing of keyboard buttons to relay the whimsical thoughts He places in my mind. I know I have a purpose in this world. Sometimes I loose it only to find it again as quickly as it was lost. It is never lost for long because of the silent conversations I have inside my head with a greater being whom I know takes care of me, my piglets and my cats.

I was born the daughter of a pig farmer in Somerville, Ohio. I won’t lie, some days I think how my life may have been different if I were born the daughter of a billionaire in Beverly Hills. These are usually the days when I have worked from sun up to sun down in a snow storm only to see a tractor break down, a sow struggle to farrow and hear curse words rolling off our tongues as we wish we could make it all go away. Then the next morning I see the smile on my Dad’s face as he works with me side my side taking care of the new born piglets who celebrated their birthday during the night as we slept. I see a little runt grow into a happy and strong piglet ready to flourish and nourish the lives of others with its life. It”s then I realize why God made my dad a farmer and why God made me the daughter of a farmer. With this blog, I will tell my story. While in the outside world I may come across as a peaches and roses kinda girl, it is here I will share what it takes to be a farm girl with curls and inspire you to think more about your place in this world at this time. God does have a will and I am fulfilling it with every day I wake, every bite I take, every step I make, every word I speak and each thought I write.

Oinks and Meows,


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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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