Adam Warner Ain’t “Catchin’ Hell” When He’s in the Fishing Boat

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

When you can’t catch a break, when one bad thing after another seems to come your way – a day on the water is just what you need. When you get out in the boat with a fishing reel in hand, crank up the new song “Catchin’ Hell” from Adam Warner because all you’ll be catching is fish, not hell from the boss.

To the sounds of a hard southern rock guitar lick, Adam sings an anthem for all the fishin’ country folks who need an escape from their everyday life. In his music video, the boat is an oasis as he keeps reeling the fish in. All of the problems he has been dealing with disappear when he is on the water.

“Four Five Largemouth, two or three Bluegill, a soggy old shoe and a Hilfiger belt. Don’t give a rip what’s swimmin’ in the live well as long as I’m fishin’ I ain’t catchin’ hell.”

– Adam Warner

Adam wrote “Catchin’ Hell” during a song writers’ retreat to his family farm in Illinois. Cowriters Mark Addison Chandler, Josh Gallagher and Davis Corley brought the title to life with the country meets rock sound you hear from the start of the song. Adam’s deep vocals match the guitar chords for a perfect song to rock out to. He looks forward to playing this song at live shows and has plans to continue writing more high-energy songs for the crowd to enjoy.

Staying connected with fans and playing songs they can escape everyday life while listening to is Adam’s goal. Throughout the pandemic when he couldn’t tour, he started Beer:30 With Adam Warner and Friends, a weekly live stream show that soon got picked up by the country network. The show brought country music entertainment from Adam and other country artists to millions of households.

When you press play to Adam’s music, you can forget the worries of life for a few minutes. In 2021, he released “Four-Square Miles”, a song about growing up on his 2,500-acre family farm with his Grandpa. “It should bring everyone (who listens to the song) back to their own four square mile wherever that might be.”

While Adam writes traditional country songs inspired by farm life, southern rock has always been one of his favorite types of music and is the sound he is leaning towards with his songwriting now. He wants to bring high-energy and a big variety of musical sounds to live shows. His next rockin’ single, “Reason to Redneck”, releases May 18 and he continues to write new music with plans to release more throughout the year. For an in-depth look into Adam’s country music journey and life experiences, you can read my first interview with him here: ADAM WARNER BRINGS A “BIG STORM” OF REAL COUNTRY MUSIC

Stream and download “Catchin’ Hell” now on Spotify, YouTube and other music platforms. To stay in the know of new songs and shows, follow Adam on Instagram @adamwarnermusic and visit

Photo credit: Adam Warner Instagram and “Catchin’ Hell” music video.

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