Alannah McCready Sings of the Comfort in A Phone Call When the One You Love Is A Thousand Miles Away

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I’m still nostalgic for a good phone call. No text or video, just hearing the voice of someone you care about at the other end. Talking on the phone used to be my favorite thing throughout my school years. I memorized my friends’ phone numbers and would talk for hours. I would walk throughout the house, lie on my bed or even sit in my closet and have the best talks. Now this only happens on rare occasion and I feel distant from some loved ones. This longing to hear someone’s voice in a world of texting and social media messaging is so beautifully portrayed in Alannah McCready’s new single, “Can I Call”.

The simple melody and soft vocals between Alannah and Will Gittens captivates the difficult feeling of missing someone in a long distance relationship. When you don’t know the next time you will see someone, picking up the phone and simply hearing their voice can bring comfort. Yet, it has become out of the norm so Alannah and Will ask one another throughout the song, “Can I call you?”

“Even though we’re far, if I can’t be where you are, then I just have one thing to say. Can I call you? Just to say how much I miss you, how I wish that I can kiss you. There’s nothing more I want right now. So can I call you? Cuz I’m tired of being lonely so until the day you hold me, if I can’t see you at all, can I call?”

– Alannah McCready

Alannah co-wrote the heartfelt single with Will and it was produced with Sterling “David” Gittens Jr. As the song was written, it naturally became a duet as the lyrics describe the difficult feeling of separation. “Even when your significant other is far away, if you know that you can call them at any time, day or night, that will bring you comfort and you will be able to get through more than you think,” Alannah shares, “I think this message will hit home with a lot of couples who might be far away from each other these days.” The music video brings the song to life as we see Alannah and Will sing to each other from a distance, finally making their way to hold each other in the end.

“Can I Call” along with her recent single, “Something Like That” will be on Alannah’s new EP set to release this Spring. This song collection comprises who she is musically and captures how her sound has progressed since making the leap into music full time. As a Minnesota native, Alannah grew up loving both music and sports. She went to college on a full athletic scholarship for women’s hockey and while this time in her life was focused on sports, her passion for music never left. Alannah would often sing the National Anthem before games then hurry out to play.

Her multi-passionate spirit is what led her to take a public relations job at a sports management company after college. Yet, not being able to shake her love of music, she began to write songs again. Alannah’s Uncle, a recording artist in LA, gave her gave her a connection to a music producer in Nashville. Being encouraged by many in the industry to pursue music full time led her to carve out a sound of her own in Music City. While every step hasn’t been easy, it has been worth it to be happy in her creativity.

“If you know in your heart that’s what you should be doing, you have to do it. Happiness is on the other side of fear. Even if you fail, at least you tried,” says Alannah encouraging others to go after their many passions in life.

You can visit to learn more about her music journey. Be sure to stream and download “Can I Call” now on all platforms. Follow Alannah on Instagram to be in the know of when her new EP drops.

Photo Credit: @alannahmccreadymusic

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