Straight From the Farm

A Farmer’s Daughter With Curly Pig Tails To Tell…

A Farmer’s “Automatic” Labor of Love

And On the Eighth Day, God Made A Farmer…

Simply Simplicity…

The Pig Barn – a poem

My Own Farm Land

The Best of Both Worlds

If only we lived like animals…

I’m in a Hurry…

All I do Is Farm 

Out With the Old, In With The New

The Temple of Nature

Farm Dirt

What Do Pigs Eat On A Family Farm?

Keep Calm and Farm Girl On

I Hold On

Farm Girl With Curls Featured on the Field Position Blog


Dirt Under the Finger Nails Is In – A Farmer’s Daughter Tells All…

Sharp Dressed Farmer – Pimped Ride For Pigs

Just Chilling In The Pig Barn & Snout Fives

Virtual Field Trip To My Farm 

Things That Matter

Farm For Thought

Miracles On the Farm

Becoming the Pig Whisper

Heaven Is Close In the Country

Family Farm Memories

America’s Pig Farmer Of the Year Finalist

The Little Girl With Curls Is Gone

Why I Farm

Farmland Confession – A Poem

Faith From the Farm – Merry Christmas

Virtual Field Trip To Schwab Family Farm

Miss America, Betty Cantrell, Appreciates American Farmers & American Dream

Where I Come From and Why I Write 

USFRA Face of Farming & Ranching 

Jim Beam Apple Bourbon + Pork = Love For Your Taste Buds This Fall

Bourbon & Bacon Makes It Better

The Peterson Farm Bros are Agvocates and They Know It

Learn How the “Farm Focused” Way Of Life Is Growing Food, Families & the Future

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