Bourbon & Bacon Makes It Better

By Lauren Schwab

Times will be high and times will be low, or they can just be a reason to enjoy a drink, meat and music. While everyone has a time and reason for enjoying a stiff drink, I have come to respect and enjoy the passion behind making bourbon. Just like any farmer has a passion for producing food, distillers have a passion for making a good beverage. There is a long process to making bourbon that you can only come to respect by touring a distillery. After touring the Lexington Alltech Brewing & Distillery  Co. I have new appreciation. After a long day on the farm, I sometimes satisfy my thirst with a good Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale or make a chocolate Bluegrass Sundown. I recently got to enjoy a Mint Julep at Churchill Downs. Now I have positive memories to associate when I indulge in these beverages. As I’ve gotten older, I make memories around food and drinks. I enjoy them with people I care about and there is happiness. I am proud to produce bacon on my farm and support those who produce fine beverages to go with it. Here are some recipe ideas from Alltech:

Blackberry Porter Pork Tenderloin

Maple Bacon Bourbon Cupcakes

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale Ribs

When you are enjoying this yummy food and drink you need a good tune to go with it! Here is a fun drinking tune from the Steel Blossoms:

(You can see Steel Blossoms play on August 3 at the Ohio State Fair at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. on the Gazebo Stage. Then see me do a pork cooking demo in the Taste of Ohio Cafe at 3:30 p.m.)

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