In Case You Didn’t Know About Brett Young

By Lauren Schwab

IMG_4418Country music artist, Brett Young, brought his West Coast-meets-Southern sound to Hillsboro, Ohio to capture the hearts of fans at the annual Festival of the Bells. Young shared his honest song lyrics while telling stories to the audience about his song writing inspiration. From telling the story of ending a six year relationship on New Year’s Eve to hearing a great love story of a song writer in Nashville. Young was happy to share with the crowd.

IMG_4420Young told a story about attending his first “Number One” party in Nashville. Country music is the only genre in which the performing rights organizations, the companies that make sure songwriters are paid for the usage of their music, regularly have parties to celebrate songwriters and their number one songs. In Nashville these parties happen almost weekly.

IMG_4416While at the party, Young heard a man tell a story of how he started in songwriting. Him and his wife were 18 years old with an 18 month old child. They didn’t have much money, but moved to Nashville so he could be a songwriter. Young went on to tell the story to the festival audience, “On that day he was telling that story, he was accepting an award for his 11th number one as a song writer. He gave her all the credit and called her his beautiful believer. When I heard that story I thought, I don’t know the rules in this town. I don’t know if I have to give him song writing credit for stealing his story and writing a song about it, but if we’re going to write a song about it we are going to tell the story exactly the way we heard it. This song is called Beautiful Believer.”

IMG_4421Young went on to share how it’s been 20 years now since the man started songwriting and he wrote a song about his wife. Young said to the audience, “Now men, if we’re being honest, we know we’re really bad at expressing our feelings. Here’s the thing, it’s not because we don’t want to say how we feel, we are wired very differently. The best way we’ve come up with to make our women feel sexy, unfortunately, is saying ‘Baby, you look so sexy.’ Cause we’re smooth like that (laughter). So I heard this song, and I knew their relationship. He found a way to tell her that everything she does all day, from putting her makeup on in the mirror to walking down the hallway is sexy to him.”  Makin Me Say is the only song on Young’s record he didn’t write, but recorded for this reason.

Young has used inspiration is his own life and others to write songs that connect with many people. His story is unique and he has worked hard to go after his dreams. For more on Young’s career read this article on

Brett Young: How a Baseball Injury Led Him to Country Music

Now listen to these motivational words from Young to go after your dreams!

For more about Brett Young, his music and tour dates, visit

Photo Credit to Ashley Whitenack and Jessica Schoultheis

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