All I do Is Farm

By Lauren Schwab

Farming is our life, it never stops. We live each day to do what we do and we do each day to live. Farming is a family affair that I do not take lightly. I know I was chosen to be the daughter of a farmer for a reason. I won’t lie, somedays it is difficult to put myself out there online and share our story. Farming keeps us busy all hours of the day and we amerce ourselves in our animals and work.

I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love sharing what my family does and our precious animals with everyone who would not be able to see them otherwise and learn about how they are raised and their food is produced. On the other hand, I am constantly pugged into a virtual world and stay in hope my sharing will bring positivity. However, I know not everyone will be pleased nor have an open mind. I have a unique experience growing up as a farm child. I have learned how these animals behave and their needs and wants. I have learned what is best for their sake and their little piglets to give them the best life possible.

I look forward to our county fair this week, where I can see youth show their animals and display leadership. Raising animals teaches you hard work and commitment to another life. It allows you have a bond with that animal and showcase your ability to raise a healthy animal and provide a food product people can feel good about purchasing.

The Peterson Farm Brothers inspire me to continue sharing my story. They provide entertainment with a positive message about farming. I am happy to share my life with you and feel inspired to do my own music video in the future! I am writing the lyrics to “I ain’t no squeal back pig!” parody to “I ain’t no holla back girl!” In the mean time, have fun this summer at the fairs and know why I all do is farm.

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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