What does your style convey?

By Lauren Schwab

Being a farm girl, it isn’t easy to transition a look from day to night. There must be a switch from work boots to sandals or heels.  Style was always an underlying thought in my head. I have realized it conveys much more about one’s personality, level of respect for themselves and how they wish others to perceive them. I had the opportunity to interview a successful business woman for a workable style feature in The Women’s Book Magazine.

Read the article here: The Women’s Book – Queen on the Green, Pages 31-33

Workable Style 1 Workable Style 2 Workable Style 3

It was a pleasure to interview Tara and also made me think about my personal style. I always say I love breaking the stereotype of a traditional farmer that my dad confirms each day. One might imagine an older man with a cowboy hat or ball cap, plaid shirt or pen in his pocket, jeans or overalls and work boots. When I am not working on the farm and especially when I am dressed up, people who don’t know me are always surprised to learn I am a pig farmer. Even people who know me are often surprised I am continuing to work full time on the farm after college. They might have imagined I would go to work in a clean office or perhaps that our farm is not an elite enough career. I am blessed and fortunate my dad has always paid me well and given me the time to pursue my other passions in agricultural communications in and journalism writing. He realizes I am not only the farrowing house manager where I care for the piglets each day, but am also doing public relations for our farm.

When I give a presentation to an audience about our farm and how we care about the animals and quality of food, I want to gain the respect of others. It is important I convey a farmer as professional, intelligent and sincere. We work hard to let others know we are consumers too and understand their concerns about how food is raised. We are working hard each day to continue to improve what we do and how we do it. We always keep the animals’ best interest in mind because if she isn’t happy and healthy than neither are we or consumers.

My looks on the farm, personal and professional appearance are quite different from each other, but they all convey a part of my personality and serve each occasion. You can see how different my looks are here:

Swine App 004 Lauren Schwab small photo

On the Farm                                      Business Meeting                                       Formal

IMG_1222 IMG_1184 IMG_0498

Nice Casual                                                             Nice Casual                                                        Casual

So I encourage you to think about your style, how it suits your personality and what you want to convey to others. This doesn’t mean you have to buy expensive clothes, but take Tara’s advice in have your classic go-to pieces that can be worn with many outfits. Many of my best pieces I find at thrift stores and get on sale. I am a big thrift store junkie and can’t believe the finds I get, especially in interview and dress clothes. Even if your job requires you to wear a uniform, do your best to accessorize to show off your unique personality. So go out there, strut your stuff and work it!

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