Farm For Thought

By Lauren Schwab

I sit here unmotivated after a days work. What will my life become? What does God have in store? The moscato wine goes down smooth in a mason jar as my cat sits on my lap purring. I’m dying. We all are. Time is precious. I want to live like I am dying, yet I expect a tomorrow, and a next week, a next month, a next year, a next five years, a next decade, a next eight decades. Should I expect this time? No one knows exactly how much time they have.

Living each day can be regret or opportunity.

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I know my dreams await and always evolve. I know there is more. Day after day I witness new piglets being born and growing up. Life after life I take care of. They are precious and I am called to do it. I am called to the animals and the land. Will it always be in Ohio? This I do not know the answer to, but I have found love in animals and will care for them.

I hope you continue to be with me in my journey. Sometimes it may be far between posts, but just know I am caring for the animals and contemplating my place in life. We all have a place and I want to live out my calling. The mountains sound so refreshing. Wildlife is refuge. West may be in the horizon, but for now I will tend to my animals in the East and await direction from God. He knows best after all and has the plan I will fulfill.

Until next time, I will sip the wine (or Starbucks) and write.



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