Farm Girl With Curls Travels Back To 1989 With Taylor Swift

By Lauren Schwab

From Dallas to Chicago to Oklahoma City to Gatlinburg to Louisville to Washington D.C, I have loved living the traveling life so far this year. I love living in hotels and creating memories only made on the road. I get a high from seeing the world and not one trip goes by without sharing some aspect of my farm life and love for my pigs. One favorite moment was when a girl (@citygirl4ag) in Washington D.C. came up to me and asked, “Aren’t you farm girl with curls?” I excitingly replied yes! These moments give me motivation to keep writing and sharing my farm life with the world. I do miss my farm and the pigs while I am gone, but I know my farm is a small safe haven. It is my  own farmland I feel safe in and give care to my piglets only they know about. I feel it is my calling to share what I do with all of you.

IMG_3204  IMG_3208 IMG_3207

I went to Louisville, KY with my mom to see Taylor Swift in concert. It made me feel like I was at the music video awards. They gave us light up bracelets and she put on the most captivating show. It was a memory my mom and I will never forget. Taylor even took time to talk to the audience made of mostly young girls and their mothers. She said how she knows life isn’t always going to be happy, but she hopes we fight through the sad and bad times and don’t let others bring us down. She hoped this concert is a happy time for all of us. She thought about how everyone is so different and all coming from different places to gather in one place at the same time to see her play her music was romantic and she is thankful we turn to her music through all kinds of emotions in life.

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After the concert, I kept replaying the memory in my head. When I was young I had a nightmare and went running into my parents room crying. My mom told me to go back to bed and think of a happy memory like when we went to Disney World. I did just that and fell back to sleep. So now when I go through a scary time, I will think of this happy memory of seeing Taylor Swift with my mom. The concert was even more special because it is her 1989 tour. My mom gave birth to me in 1989 and it was nice to share that commonality with Taylor Swift and her mom. Life is short, so I have learned to shake it off and keep living with passion and purpose.

I will share more travel memories with you soon, but just remember to think of the happy times and don’t let the haters, players and dirty cheats of the world bring you down, just get down to this sick beat!

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