Farm Girl With Curls in the Capitol + George Washington’s Pigs

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By Lauren Schwab

I had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. with the American Agri-Women. We toured Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home and farm. This was spectacular to see. We had a private tour of the farm and crops he typically grew. Washington was known for his love and success in agriculture. We learned how he grew crops and rotated them to protect the land. His home was beautiful and strategically built for cost yet spectacularly.

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I was also surprised to see a sow and her piglets, a rare heritage breed called Ossabaw Island hogs. They were in an outside dirt lot. This was how my dad used to raise pigs. This looks fine on a nice June day, but extreme heat or cold can take a tole on the pigs. This is why we raise our pigs inside temperature controlled and clean barns today. We can raise more and give them better care. Our sows can also raise more piglets. My dad used to only average seven pigs raised per a sow and today we can raise 11 or more. It made me happy to see these pigs and witness how they would have been raised during his time.

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Through out the trip we visited many agencies including the USDA, EPA and Embassy of Saudi Arabia. We held meetings with our congressmen and women to discuss American Agri-Women’s positions. We held receptions with them and told them about our involvement in agriculture. Our presence was known and it felt impactful to tell our story. It was great to share the time with women in agriculture from across the country. You feel not so alone and they are like sisters or friends. We ate at Cafe Berlin, Old Ebbitt’s Grill and Burger Tap Shake. I made unforgettable memories and this is just the start.

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American Agri-Women is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a drive across America. I can’t wait to see what the next 40 years has in store. I know challenges will come, but we are a force for truth!

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