Simply Simplicity…



By Lauren Schwab

To feel the innocence of lying in cool wet green grass as your brown curls dampen from the mist of the morning dew.  Your Ivy green eyes ponder up towards the pink sky and orange sun.  A kitten with light sun burnt orange soft hair approaches your tummy and nestles itself into your crisp white dress.  The birds chirp with no knowledge of where you are and cattle roam the green prairies a short distance of where you lay.  There is no intention of you moving, so you pick up a yellow dandelion, breathe in the sweet aroma and it’s then you know everything is good.

Now, not every moment can be as good as this, but we should love our lives with intention of it being.  Rarely do we appreciate the wondrous creations of God including our own precious lives.  At any moment my life could be snatched and would I have truly known what it meant to have lived a good life and to have lived it completely for my Father up above?

Well, let’s pause for a moment and dig in deeper to what I have just stated.  What in fact does it mean to have lived a good life?  A good life has a different meaning to each human being.  I remember seeing a little boy at church.  He was no more than 24 inches tall, had snow-white skin, and sleek jet-black hair.  As he climbed the concrete steps up to the entrance of the church, he stopped and pointed down to the step above him.  He noticed a crumb size little chocolate tinted brown ant crawling about with not even a hence of fear of the little boy that was about to step on his weak body.  The boy pointed at the ant in amazement.  This ant was like nothing he had ever seen before.  His eyes were in awe of God’s creation.  He began to follow the ant, his eyes following the ant’s every move.

It was then I thought to myself: I wish my life was that simple again, where my life gained pleasure from following an ant and watching it in wondrous amazement.  I wish as though I could go back to when I was born and everything I saw, I was seeing it for the first time.  Think how much better our lives would be if everything we saw was like seeing it for the first time!  The simplest things like letting a balloon go from your hands and watching it soar into the infinite amount of blue sky of feeling a summer breeze on your cheeks while sipping sweet pink lemonade, would bring joy to our faces and a smile to our hearts…

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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