Faith from the Farm – Merry Christmas


By Lauren Schwab

I am thankful to have grown up in a home where I was taught the true gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ. This is the foundation of my life and the reason for our farm’s success. Farming is anything but easy, there are times my Dad finds it difficult to make it through. God always provides, always heals and always delivers us from hardship and brings light into darkness. From the outside, my life may seem as though I have it all. I give God the glory and simply believe. I stand firm in my faith and know Christmas is a celebration for all we are blessed with and this starts with the birth of a Savior.

I know not everyone has grown up hearing this story and may find it difficult to have hope in this. No matter how strong or weak your faith is, we all have moments of doubt, uncertainty and discomfort. We can find our minds feeling insecure and feeling sorry for ourselves. I am hear to tell you there is no reason to consume yourself in these thoughts. Jesus paid the price. Rest assure in this and know you are confident, your life has abundance and you can walk in His favor.

Faith, family and farming are what I live by. Through tough times, I walk confidently knowing i have something working for me that others don’t, I walk in the favor of the Lord and He will see me through. This year has been one of the most amazing year’s of my life because I believed in Him and expected the unexpected from Him. I am not perfect and feel terrible when I sin, but I know as soon as I ask for His forgiveness He remembers my sins no more. This can be difficult at times, because we do remember our sins. I try not to keep a count of my wrongs because i know God doesn’t. He sees the good and is the good. I pray you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Appreciate each moment and know you are enough and have a gift to share with the world that no one else has. Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it brings you peace and happiness ❤

Please take a moment to listen and read the message on using your God given gifts from Lindsey Stirling:

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