Country Music Sweetie Tegan Marie is Calling Dibs On Her Dreams

By Lauren Schwab


Tegan Marie was born in Detroit, Michigan in 2003 on a blustery, cold day in October – and our next country star was born.

Tegan picked up a guitar at age six, wrote love songs at eight and was playing national stages by 11. Her sweet, clean vocals and sensitive interpretations have tween and teen girls across the nation clamoring for more. Tegan’s digital presence is exploding and her fan base is exponentially increasing by the minute. With millions of views on her YouTube videos and across all social platforms gaining the attention of country music artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Tegan is poised to be the superstar she was always meant to become.

Q. Take me back to the beginning of your career, can you tell me how you found your love and talent for music and how you decided to make it a career aspiration?

A. “I actually started singing when I was three on my dad’s karaoke machine. He would always take videos of me singing and eventually started posting them on YouTube. As time went on, I started growing a following and now am working with the teen female empowerment platform, Sweety High!”

12188976_840971006023726_2383402728630563452_nQ. What or who played an important role in developing your career goals and making the decision to take fate into your own hands to pursue a career in country music and make dreams into a reality?

A. “My parents are my biggest supporters and have been since the beginning. They always told me that if I wanted to sing, they would be right behind me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them!”

Q. What advice would you give to someone who may have a dream or desire, but is struggling with taking the steps to make them a reality?

A. “I would tell them to never give up, have 150% of confidence and always be you!”

Q. Can you tell me some of your exciting plans for 2016 and some goals you have for your career over the next year?

TeganMarie_ACT_CoverArt1A. “Making more music, hearing myself on the radio and chasing my dreams!!!!”

Tegan Marie was recently discovered by girls media company Sweety High after she shared her videos on their site. They proclaim she’s about to be the topic of everyone’s holiday convos after you listen to her very first single, “A Christmas Tree,” she just released on iTunes. Sweety High got the exclusive from Tegan on why this single is so special to her. Watch her new music video and read the interview at:





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One thought on “Country Music Sweetie Tegan Marie is Calling Dibs On Her Dreams

  1. Dear, Tegan
    Hello, my name is Courtnee,
    An I just wanted to say that you are, a great singer and also you have a great vocie and I hope that one day, I can be just like you and also your beautiful, an amazing and I wish that I could might you one day, but also keep following, your dreams and also don’t let, other people bring you down, I also love your music an your a great singer, and also I hope that you will become a big time country singer just like Carrie Underwood, & Kelsea Ballerini.


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