YEE YEE to a New Year!

By Lauren Schwab

As 2015 came to a close I thought about all the experiences I had, people I met and opportunities I have been given for the future. I appreciate how Granger Smith reflects on the goals he accomplished in 2015 and how the experiences he had exceeded his expectations. Most importantly he expressed gratitude to his family, team and fans. They have driven him to strive for more and make him want to be better. These are success principles to live by. When you strive to be better not only for yourself, but to use to your talents to give back to others and show up in a greater way, you are rewarded for the hard work. When you express thanks, you attract more to be thankful for. It’s important to have a vision for your life. All of the things I envisioned for 2015 happened. I kept my goals before my eyes and took the opportunities set before me to make them happen. God has exceeded my expectations and I am thankful to walk in His favor each day.

As I reflect upon the last year, here is a small list of my 2015 highlights:

  • Interviewed Nashville Country music artists for Farm Girl With Curls
  • Traveled to Dallas, TX to meet Terri Savelle Foy at her NEXT Conference
  • Visited with my best friend Brittany in Fort Worth
  • Attended YAP Winter Conference and interviewed Peterson Farm Bros
  • Traveled to Chicago for 26th birthday – site seeing and amazing food
  • Traveled to Oklahoma City for American Agri-Women Mid-Year and Syngenta Leadership At Its Best Training – Granger Smith concert at Wormy Dog Saloon, new friends, race track and fun in Brick Town
  • Finalist for America’s Pig Farmer of the Year – traveled to Chicago for interview and met Chris Soules
  • Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour Concert with mom in Louisville, KY
  • Traveled to Washington D.C. for AAW Fly In
  • Traveled to Florida and the Grand Bahama Island with my mom on Grand Celebration cruise – swam with dolphins, Vegas style shows and casino
  • Traveled to Maine with American Agri-Women – lobster, tours, fun with Texas Agri-Women
  • Worked on Newsroom Crew at National FFA Convention – interviewed Maddie and Tae
  • Traveled to Oklahoma with boyfriend Andy – Dinner with Ralph Wade Auctioneer, Robert Earl Keen show and fine dining in Tulsa, Eskimo Joe’s and friends in Stillwater, Stockyards and Cattlemen’s in Oklahoma City
  •  IMG_0109 IMG_0124 IMG_0157 IMG_0161 IMG_3287 IMG_0191 IMG_0013  IMG_0420 IMG_0422 IMG_2566 IMG_2582 IMG_2625  IMG_2816 IMG_2977 IMG_2983 IMG_3009 IMG_3313 IMG_2723 IMG_3206 IMG_3223 IMG_3792 IMG_3917

I have more big goals set for 2016 and I don’t know how they will all happen, but I know if I can dream it God can do it and I will be celebrating come 2017. Terri reminds me the importance of gratitude, may you be thankful, dream big and may they all come true!



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