YEE YEE to a New Year!

By Lauren Schwab As 2015 came to a close I thought about all the experiences I had, people I met and opportunities I have been given for the future. I appreciate how Granger Smith reflects on the goals he accomplished in 2015 and how the experiences he had exceeded his expectations. Most importantly he expressed gratitude […]

I Kissed a Dolphin in Grand Bahama!

By Lauren Schwab I made my piglets a little jealous by getting some kisses from dolphins in the Bahamas! My mom and I crossed off going on a Grand Celebration cruise to the Bahamas and swimming with dolphins on our bucket list. It was a magical experience. We swam with 38-year-old mother Kayla and her […]

Heaven is Closer – Prayers for Emily

By Lauren Schwab This past weekend I learned of news that made me revaluate my life’s priorities and perspective. I naturally try to have a positive perspective and attitude towards life even in the midst of challenges. I hear of the awful things that happen in the world each day, but when something tragic happens […]

Miracles on the Farm

By Lauren Schwab I have learned to develop the mindset of asking God, “What miracles would you have me perform today? How can I be of highest service to the world?” It can be easy to wake up and instantly get on social media and check emails. I can easily keep hitting the snooze button […]

You Are Limitless

By Lauren Schwab How bad do you want success? Do you really want it or just kind of want it? Do you love sleep more than success? My dad doesn’t. Right now I should already be in bed because when the clock strikes 4 a.m. oinks are calling for me. For my dad, when the […]

Cling to God like a Cat

By Lauren Schwab When I walk through the barnyard, my cats love to follow me. They cling to my every step. They need me and long to be by my side. They beg for their morning can of cat food, standing on their hind legs with their front paws in the air, looking up at […]

God’s Got My Back

By Lauren Schwab Just when you are about to give up, you’re break through is closer than you think. Terri Savelle Foy reminds me of this and it is what I hold to when the voice inside my head tries to make living a normal life appealing. That’s right, I am not normal and have […]

“TRANSITION is God’s way of PROMOTION,” Jerry Savelle

Our Farmland By Lauren Schwab From time to time I find myself standing in the barnyard pondering at the sky. I almost feel an invisible bubble has been placed around our farmland we have come to know and center our lives around. While we are often in this bubble as a family we are not […]

I’m Possible

By Lauren Schwab I captured this view from the plane window on my way home from Iowa this past week. I was in awe to have a view above the clouds. As a young girl I always imagined Heaven this way. An endless pillow of clouds and rays of light. Perhaps the feeling of being […]

Fear is an invitation to have Faith

By Lauren Schwab After a stressful day tending to my piglets and cats, I left church Monday evening being reminded by Beth Moore, “Fear is an invitation from God to have faith.” I needed those words to press through the heaviness my heart felt for the health of my animals. This past weekend my cat […]