I’m Possible

IMG_1650 By Lauren Schwab

I captured this view from the plane window on my way home from Iowa this past week. I was in awe to have a view above the clouds. As a young girl I always imagined Heaven this way. An endless pillow of clouds and rays of light. Perhaps the feeling of being closer to heaven gives me peace, but I know no matter how high I may go, even to space, I am still not closer to Heaven. I can only be closer in by faith in God. My role model, Terri Savelle Foy posted this Facebook – IMG_1663 I agree with Terri in saying, “Well said Audrey.” My favorite verse to this day since hearing it in a Sunday sermon is Matthew 17:20 proclaiming, with faith, nothing is impossible. I do believe this, but how can we have complete faith in God if we do not have faith in ourselves and His ability to work in us? Even I am guilty to thoughts of doubt and fear of failure. Despite the many compliments I receive and display of confidence I portray, I still have thoughts of insecurity. We are our own worst critics. Confidence and faith go hand in hand. The stronger my faith, the more confident I become in my ability to be a role model, leader and spokesperson. The stronger my confidence, the more faithful I become in the future and my ability to inspire and grow. Society can have a strong hold on our thoughts, convincing us our lives will be better five pounds lighter with the latest fashion, make-over and technology. I can’t count the number of times I have spent obsessing about my figure, what outfit I will wear, how I will style my hair and if my cell phone case will match my outfit. I could do everything to perfect my outer appearance and it still not change my ability to make my life’s dreams happen or make God love me any more or less.

Terri tells us to write a declaration of affirmations to build our confidence. List five compliments to tell ourselves each day. Mine are:

1.) I am beautiful just the way I am, inside and out.

2.) I am a good daughter, sister, girlfriend and friend

3.) I am a positive role model and leader to young women

4.) I am a good caretaker of the animals

5.) I am a great spokesperson for agriculture

It can sometimes be difficult to build yourself up, without thinking you sound conceded. Just the thought of sounding conceded is a negative thought trying to counter your positive affirmations. It is important to stand strong in what you believe, because what you believe and speak, you will become! I hope this motivates your ability to be confident in all you do and to strengthen faith in yourself  and in God. Despite your faith, the view from my plane window was enough to awe struck me in the beauty of the world and our ability to make anything possible. I’m possible and so are you! IMG_1651

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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