You Are Limitless


By Lauren Schwab

How bad do you want success? Do you really want it or just kind of want it? Do you love sleep more than success? My dad doesn’t. Right now I should already be in bed because when the clock strikes 4 a.m. oinks are calling for me. For my dad, when the clock strikes 3 a.m. they are louder for Him. I can’t even comprehend the labor my dad poured into this farm before I was born, to build a life for our family and the animals. He wanted his farm to succeed as bad as he wanted to breathe and I know I take it for granted at times. I feel like I don’t deserve the days off and paid vacation he gives to me. He wants me to have this opportunity handed to me and I feel like I should prove to him I can earn it.

Somedays I don’t know how he didn’t give up long ago. I have learned when you feel like giving up the most, it is an indicator you have the devil right where you want him and if you don’t give up you will win the battle. Satan has one plan for our lives, to kill steal and destroy it. He says he is the person who shouldn’t have made it, but I disagree. He made it because he refused to give up. Ecclesiastes 5:3 translated tells us, “A dream comes about with much business and painful effort.” As a teenager my dad laid in a hospital bed not caring if he died then after being in a collision with a semi-truck. He had no wife, no children and he told God he didn’t care. God had plans for him and for my brother and I to exist. To have a role model, work ethic and determination to succeed because lives depend on me.

dadtractor  farmcitytour98

My dad has taken consistent aggressive action towards his dream of our family farm and being able to pass it onto his children. Sometimes I know know if I am just living my dad’s dream for me for him. I know God has plans for me to, and I know he made me a writer. So for now I will do what He has had me born into and write about it. Never give up on your dreams. There are so many times my dad could have, but if you want something bad enough you will find a way because you are limitless. If your dreams are possible, you’re not dreaming big enough.

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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