The Temple of Nature


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By Lauren Schwab

Despite living and working surrounded in nature, my mind can easily be caught in the chaos of modern life, it’s demands and hours spent behind a computer or phone screen. How often do we allow ourselves to be grounded, literally barefoot with our toes touching the soil and face staring at the sun, sky and trees in God’s wonder?

In The Wisdom of the Native Americans by Kent Nerburn, they believe our whole Earth, as it is God’s creation, is our temple and we should respect it. Our God needs no lesser cathedral than the beautiful and wondrous nature He created for us to live and honor Him in. As a tender to His earth and creatures created in His image, I must remind myself of this even more. While our world is ever complexing, remaining grounded to sustain the land and animals for the nourishment of our lives and future generations is more crucial than ever before.

I encourage you to ground yourself in nature and its gift to you. It bears light and is a temple of the One who created it. I leave you with a poem by my Great Aunt Delena and words to reflect upon. May you write your own and reflect upon the living surroundings given to you.

Templeton’s Creek

By Delena R. Ford Whitis

July 20, 1975


I stood today upon a ramp and

gazed into what once we called

Temleton’s Creek.


The Creek once glimmered peace –

fully beneath the trees. Beside it

ran a path with vines and flowers.

As children we spent many hours

picking flowers, and within the water

we waded, splashed, and played, enjoying

nature’s charms, God’s blessings rich.


But progresses now has come and pushed

the trees aside and made our creek

into a lake. Now boats race and water

runs where the trees and flowers grew.


I could not recognize our little

creek today; so in my heart I locked

in my memories, and then with tear

dimmed eyes I slowly turned and walked



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