Make it Count


By Lauren Schwab

I woke this morning to the innocent purring of my cat on my chest in the same bedroom I called my own on my birthday for the past 25 years I have been here in Somerville, Ohio. While many of peers have taken strides to leave their childhood bedroom and not adhere to their parents roof, I have been fortunate to cherish the foundation this bedroom has built in my life and future. As I lay under my canopy and glance at the collection of photographs from my teen years I can’t help but laugh at the memories made here. I remember dancing around my room on my sweet 16 feeling so grown up. While they say age is just a number I know it marks a new chapter in my life. I have been attempting to remain a child as long as possible because I know the world as I know it now will never be the same years from now. One day I will not wake to the sound of my dad’s truck and trailer engine revving up our country road to go feed the pigs at our neighbor barn yard, nor will I hear his return as the wheels hit the gravel drive way. One day I will not walk out on the porch and be at work, nor will I hear the sound of piglets squealing in the night to get their drink of fresh milk. One day I won’t hear the sound of my little brothers rap music as he comes cruising in the bard yard with his jacked up chevy and beautiful girlfriend by his side. I am his biggest fan.

As the years go by and thousands of piglets are born, weaned and gone to market. I think about the number of lives born each day and the very few people who have the opportunity to feed them. While some may never dream of stepping foot in a pile of pip poop or having a sow spit her corn and soybean meal breakfast in their face, I just laugh and am grateful to do so. I walk in the barn yelling, “Morning girls, it’s breakfast time!” I lay kisses on the new born piglets, so grateful God gave them life and for their life to be in my hands. While I don’t know what my future holds in farming, I know as I am alive and well I will wake to make each day count. I have all I need this morning with the air I breathe and a healthy body with food to nourish it. A loving family, boyfriend, best friend and animals that cling to my care are a added blessing from the Lord.

As I look in the mirror each day the reflection doesn’t seem to change much, but I know years from now I will think differently. I love waking each day with things I can count on and clinging to faith with the things I can’t. While I can’t count on how long my life will be, I will make each day count. All I need is an animal to lick my face, a family to hug me, my boyfriend to kiss me and a Bible to fall on. I can’t count the number of prayers I have said to God, but I close each one with blowing Him a kiss and reaching out my arms to hug Him. He gives me the inspiration to share these thoughts and days of my life with all of you in hopes it will spark a light in you heart to make it count too.

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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