I hold on

By Lauren Schwab This afternoon I spent time enjoying the fall weather on the farm while taking the opportunity to take photos that I will post in my gallery as well. Photos are a way for me to capture this moment in time as a 25 year old farmer’s daughter in Ohio on our Schwab […]

Keep Calm and Farm Girl On

By Lauren Schwab When it rains it storms and when it storms, tempers fly. While farm life can be romanticized, it is nothing short of hard work and more so when were hard headed. Farming with family has its rewards and trials. When working on a farm each day is the unknown. You can plan […]

God’s Got My Back

By Lauren Schwab Just when you are about to give up, you’re break through is closer than you think. Terri Savelle Foy reminds me of this and it is what I hold to when the voice inside my head tries to make living a normal life appealing. That’s right, I am not normal and have […]