Farm Girl With Curls in Oklahoma City

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My adventure continues to Oklahoma City where I flew to meet American Agri-Women from across the country. We held our Mid-Year meeting and I was selected among others to participate in Syngenta’s Leadership At It’s Best program. You will hear me say time again, I was born a farmer’s daughter for a reason and right now I am a farmer for a reason. I am proud to be a woman in agriculture and will share my tale with all those who will listen. What’s more amazing than sharing my story is hearing the story of other women. We all have different stories to tell, but share agriculture as an identity, passion and purpose. From 18 to 88, age does not separate our common goal to share and educate others on the hard work and love American farmers and ranchers do to produce food for the world. When I meet with these women, I feel as if they are my long lost sisters I have known my whole life, we have just separated to reach the masses with our message. I have a grand vision to see the world and meet women in agriculture from all nations. I believe in a world of peace and productivity. I believe anything can happen. I felt truly in the moment in Oklahoma City and can see the future. I met several other women my age, young ladies all ready to take on the world. I know we will be life long women in agriculture together. This is only the beginning of the work we will do and impact we will make along with the memories we will share over the next decades. He are some of the stories we wrote in OK City…

Remington Park Horse Race Track Dinner (We are watching you!)

IMG_2955 IMG_2957 IMG_2959 IMG_2958  IMG_2961 IMG_2963 IMG_2964 IMG_2966

Granger Smith Concert at Wormy Dog Saloon and Having Fun in Bricktown

IMG_3009 IMG_3004

IMG_2994 IMG_2978

IMG_2982 IMG_2987

Oklahoma City Memorial

IMG_2996 IMG_2998 IMG_2999 IMG_2997


Historic Skirvin Hilton Hotel for Syngenta Leadership At It’s Best

IMG_3006 IMG_3002

IMG_3010 IMG_3011


I am proud to be a Syngenta Leadership At It’s Best Graduate. I have acquired the communication and leadership skills necessary to be the best leader for agriculture I can be. I have met people who will guide and encourage me to go to the next level to achieve my personal and career goals in life while being the change in the world we all wish to see. We see a world where agriculture production thrives while being sustainable in our practices to protect the world we make our home for ourselves and generations to come. We are the leaders and lovers of the land. We are women making a difference in the lives of others while uplifting each other for lasting friendship with a bond that cannot be broken. We dare to dream the impossible, do watch out for big changes because we will be in the books. We are American Agri-Women, see us work!



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  1. Good to meet you in OKC! Wish I had gotten our picture, because I had a blog challenge to meet 5 people I follow on social media in person……dang it!

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