Steve Harvey: You Have To Jump & Sow Seed for Success

By Lauren Schwab

I have learned there is no end to success. You have to keep jumping in life and know it takes time to grow. There must be times for ourselves, but in farming we must take care of others, the animals and the land, because they take care of us. There are seasons for growing crops, just as there are seasons in life. Sometimes there is drought and sometimes there are floods. No matter what, you must keep planting a seed, keep going and have faith the seed you sow will eventually reap a harvest.

As Steve Harvey says, your parachute won’t open right away when you jump. You are going to fail, you are going to get hurt, but eventually it will open. If you don’t jump you are safe, but you will never soar. High risk can mean high reward, if you allow yourself to jump just one time. It can be easy to play it safe, to think success happens to others so easy. What you don’t see is the fear others had when they jumped for the first time, but they jumped anyways. Regret can be the biggest fear of all. I promise you God has your back. There is nothing too big for Him to make happen for you. As His child, you walk in His favor. So plant the seed, do the work, wait patiently and see what happens. If you can dream it, God can do it, but you have to jump.


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