Country Singer Chase Bryant Could Use a Little Bit of Friends in the FFA

By Lauren Schwab

Chase Bryant performed at the National FFA Convention & Expo on October 19 at the Dodge booth. As a Texas country music singer and former FFA member, Bryant took the time to perform his hit singles, “Little Bit of You”, “Room to Breathe” and “Take It On Back” while telling members about his FFA experience including competing in the creed-speaking contest.

chasebryant01-1423175014“I grew up in a small town in Orange Grove, Texas in a farming family. In my small town a lot of people said things wouldn’t happen for me. When I joined FFA it became a family very quickly. My brother was a state officer in Texas. Watching him, seeing how everyone treated him and the way everyone came together was pretty inspiring. There’s very few things when your living out your teenage years that instill things in you that you feel are going to live with you the rest of your life.”

img_2908“Growing up, I thought FFA was strictly for the farmers. I learned very quickly that it wasn’t just about the farmer. It’s about instilling good things in kids. The people in FFA became some of my best friends and have stuck around with the longest. There’s a guy who works with the Texas FFA that taught me a lot of things and became one of my best friends. I learned a lot of lessons and learned people in the FFA stick together and is something that will follow you the rest of your life. I want you (FFA members) to be proud of what you’re doing and to be part of this organization. I promise you and tell you it (FFA) is one of the best organizations on the planet.”

img_2910“I grew up in a family of farmers and FFA taught me those people matter. Those people are the reason we have food on the table, the reason we get to live each day. Those people are out there busting their ass for me and you to put food on the table. Go around to all these booths (in the expo) and colleges and talk to the people. You will learn things here. I never got to go to the National FFA Convention; this is my first time. You will learn things that will live with you forever and you will learn exactly why you are apart of this organization. It’s about making friends that are going to live with you the rest of your life. This is the best organization you could be apart of so be proud of what you’re doing and spread it to your friends because you are cool being apart of this. Thanks for coming out to see us and to Dodge for letting us sing on this stage, a truck bed, how much cooler can it possibly get.”

chase-bryant-2015-billboard-650“About six years ago I moved up to be a song writer and an artist. I started writing for a company owned by Roy Orbison. There was a big band in Nashville that cut ten of my songs on a record. I went into write one day and I thought I’m just going to stay home and not write a song today. I was two months from living in my car. I bought way too much because I thought I was going to become and instant millionaire. That did not happen, all those songs got cut. But this one-day a buddy threw an idea out to me, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and walked out on the loading dock and started thinking about things. In about five to ten minutes I had written this chorus, ‘Take it on back, take it on back, take it on back to where the grass is greener.’”

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