Camille Rae Sings Soul For the Girls in “This Time” EP

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Store+picSomedays every girl needs another girl who understands them. It can be tough navigating love and learning to stand up for yourself. When you need to be you, be strong and claim what is yours in this life, Camille Rae is your girl. Just press play to her EP This Time anytime you need a best friend to be by your side.

This Time is a sassy five song EP that captures soulful vocals and funky blues instrumentals. It consists of four upbeat liberating songs and a heartfelt ballad in support of mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Here’s how each song made me feel…


“If I Were That Girl” opens the EP with a soulful anthem for that girl who stands strong when a relationship ends. Not giving in when a guy chases her, knowing if she chased him he would stop trying. “Eventually I know that I’ll get over you, and I won’t take you back oh even if I wanted to,” sings Camille with powerful vocals. The melody and vocal blends will have you dancing in your favorite outfit and singing along as loud as you can.


Following the liberating opening track is a soft ballad “Why Didn’t I Know”. Camille sings of longing for an old love to show up at her door again. The story unfolds along a slow guitar melody, she reflects back to wondering why she let her love go and why she didn’t know how he needed her. This song will touch any heart that still misses and loves someone. The simplistic vocals and musical chords bring a true romantic longing into the listeners heart. 


After heartbreak what any girl needs is a fun night to get dressed up then down for her man.  “Just To Dress Down” is an upbeat bluesy rock song for a night out on the town where the party goes back home. When you want to attract your man, play this song girl.


The soulful bluesy vibe continues in “Please Let Me Be”. For the woman who is fed up, decides to leave her man and wants him to leave her alone. The words strike a deep chord when Camille sings of abuse and warning the man if he doesn’t let her be, he will get what he deserves. The lyrics are complimented with nostalgic funky sounds in the electric guitar.

78303105_2839282562789068_973420192648396800_oClosing with strong piano notes in the title track “This Time” Camille continues to stand up for the independent woman. “Honey, It’s my time to fly and I’m ready to take off this time,” sings Camille. She is out to prove she is strong and gets back up after getting knocked down. For any hard circumstance you may be facing, this song will bring out your inner strength and encourage you to persist. Her vocals bring power to balance the simplistic piano notes that end the song.


I love Camille Rae’s sassy yet sincere vocals and lyrics. You can tell she is singing her truth. Producer, Shawn Gough, nailed the production and finally captured the true sound that she has been seeking since moving to Nashville. Listen to This Time wherever you stream and purchase music today! To learn more about Camille Rae read our full interview here: Come Find Camille Rae In Music City


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Photo Credit to @amandacwilsonphotography and Camille Rae Social Media

P.S. If you love this EP you will also love her single “Three Mississippi”

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