My Favorite “Country Things” Of 2020

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I’ll always be a sucker for country things. I live it on the farm and love doing all things country with my husband. My new favorite song I day dream to is “Country Things” by Granger Smith. The opening song to his new album sets the perfect tone to drive down a country road. The traditional country sound in the song relaxes you while the melody creates a peaceful mood that will have you day dreaming of all the country things you love. Watch the lyric video to pick out all the country things you like most, then imagine doing your own country things while the music plays at the end of the song…

Like Granger, I love a good tire on a rope swing, one lane road and homemade passed down recipe for supper. I wanted to share with you my favorite country things of 2020 so far!

Cute pigs because I am with thousands of them every day on the farm – 

Driving through Great Smoky Mountains National Park in a slingshot – 

Our hike up to Natural Bridge in Kentucky and finding an old cabin – 

Kayaking with friends then having Christmas in July with an old Christmas tree by the fire pit – 

Farm cats with a new truck of course – 

I’d like to end with a throwback video clip of when I did a fun country thing – I rode the boar on the farm! Yee Yee!

I can’t wait to hear Volume One of Granger Smith’s new album featuring the new single “Country Things” on September 25!

We will always love Granger and can’t wait to meet him again someday!

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