Country Music Artist, Josey Milner, Lassos the Fans’ Hearts and Rides Her Way to the Top of the Charts

By Lauren Schwab

Josey 6Country Music Sweetheart, Josey Milner, will get your cowgirl boots dancing and lasso your heart at first listen to her voice.

Growing up on a small farm in Missouri, one might say country is Josey’s pedigree. At age seven, she began barrel racing at local rodeos, making the rodeo arena her first stage. She started singing the National Anthem at her youth rodeos, eventually graduating to performances at PRCA rodeos across Missouri and Kansas, including the American Royal in Kansas City. These anthem performances led to the decision for Josey to hang up her spurs and follow her dreams of country music fame.

After a main-stage performance at the 2010 Pedal Steel Convention in St. Louis, Josey followed the advice of her much older and wiser musical elders: form a band and play everywhere you can. The Josey Milner Band became one of the most sought-after live acts in the Kansas City area. Performing an ever-evolving and versatile mix of new country, classic country, country rock and a little bit of Rock & Roll. Josey led the band through raucous sets at Buffalo Bill Days, Slater Fall Festival, Holden Street Fair, Timbercreek, The Landing, and numerous others, performing for sold-out crowds and claiming the title of “Kansas City’s Princess of Country Music.”

Josey 4Josey has earned and enjoyed worldwide radio hits, international press and multiple award nominations.  Her debut, “Not Pretty Enough” topped the legendary Indie World chart, receiving 200,000 YouTube views.  Her follow-up, “Cowgirls” reached  #1 on the respected New Music Weekly airplay chart, reaching the Top 75 of the renowned Music Row chart. Josey has opened for Scotty McCreery and Chris Cagle. She has performed alongside Georgette Jones, Ashton Shepherd, Buddy Jewell and more in Nashville.

With a heart as big as her hits, Josey supports Angels and Doves anti-bullying and Shriner’s Children’s Hospitals.

Q. Take me back to the beginning of your career, can you tell me how you found your love and talent for music and how you decided to make it a career aspiration?

A. “Growing up, I’ve always loved music. I’ve always been singing or dancing. I started to perform for people and is something I’ve always loved doing. I did rodeo before I got into music. At the rodeo, I would sing the National Anthem. I was invited to sing on stage and I loved the feeling being up there. That led from one thing to another. I got a band together, started performing as a career and things took off from there.”

josey 11Q. What or who played an important role in developing your career goals and making the decision to take fate into your own hands to pursue a career in country music and make dreams into a reality?

A. “My parents are my role models. Every decision I’ve wanted to make, everything I’ve wanted to try out, they’ve been there to support me with it. When I showed an interest in music, they’re the ones who backed me up on it and helped me get it together. Also my manager, Michael Stover, has helped me and allowed me to get to the next level with my music and get my name established. My parents and Michael have been there for me through out this journey.”

Q. Your song “Not Pretty enough” talks about bullying, how do you deal with obstacles and setbacks in life and how does your music play a role?

Josey 8A. “In music, there’s always bumps along the way with it. Towards the beginning (of her music career) was the hardest because I was young and people didn’t really take me seriously. Getting going with my music and having people take chances on me was the hardest thing. I just pushed though and told myself, ‘You just have to keep going through with this and make sure you believe in yourself.’ As far as people saying you’re not good enough, I don’t let it get to me. I push it to the back of my mind and don’t listen to them. (She tells herself) ‘There are several thousand people out there who believe in you and love what you’re doing, so you just have to listen to those people and don’t pay attention to the ones who are trying to bring you down.’”

Q. I understand you grew up on a small farm and had experience in rodeo. Can you tell me more about what attracted you to country music?

Josey 11A. “I’ve pretty much always grown up the country life. I’ve always been around horses and lived out in the country with different animals on the property. Horses and rodeo have really impacted me as well. Those things are what attracted me to country music; it’s what I grew up listening to. I grew up as this down to earth, country girl. Whenever I go out and talk to people about how they grew up, it’s nice to hear people’s stories. Especially when you can relate to people like you, it’s really cool to know I’m not the only one out here who’s like this. I was blessed in the way I grew up. It was very family-oriented and very respectful towards other people and appreciative towards my music.”

Q. What advice would you give to someone who may have a dream or desire, but is struggling with taking the steps to make them a reality?


joseyA. “If you have a dream no matter what it is, if it’s music or another passion you have, just go out there and go for it. When I first got into this career, I literally knew nothing about music. No one in my family had ever had an interest in music like I had. I didn’t know where to start, but I just went with it and followed though with everything. Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t let things get to me. I don’t let comments get to me. I don’t let people try to tear me down. I get through it and I believe in myself. As long as you believe in yourself, don’t let anyone try to tear you down and know you can get somewhere, you’re going to be able to. You just have to go for it!”

Q. Can you tell me about some of your best experiences so far in your career, some memories playing and how they have impacted you?

Josey 5A. “I have so many amazing memories in my career so far. One of the most memorable was this past year at CMA Fest. I performed with Georgette Jones, George Jones’ daughter and Stella Parton, Dolly Parton’s sister. Every time I perform I make a memory. I remember when I was able to open up for Scotty McCreery and it was super exciting. Any artist I’m able to open up for is very humbling. There has been so many things, I was just talking to my mom about all I’ve been able to do so far and I can’t help but smile at everything.”

Q. Can you tell me some of your exciting plans for 2015 and some goals you have for your career over the next year?

josey 14A. “I am working on some new music to release. We started production on my next single called “Red, White and Blue” and it’s going to be out March 30th on radio, so I’m very excited for this one. We’ve been trying to get some new music out there and are finally getting to it. We got some fairs booked and of course I’ll be at CMA fest, we’ve got a bunch of things lined up. I’m really working on my career and trying to get it to go even further than where it is now, so I’m thinking this year is going to be a good year for that!”


JJosey 7osey is nominated for the 2015 New Music Awards Female Vocalist of the Year, vote at “I’m so honored to be recognized alongside this talented group of women. I am looking forward to meeting them all at the awards event. Good luck, Y’all!” Josey said.

She is also nominated for the 2015 Nashville Universe Awards for Entertainer of The Year, Female Vocalist, Song of The Year – Cowgirls, and the Shooting Star award. Vote at


josey 2


Josey is poised for world-wide stardom. One thing is for certain: wherever her music may take her she will always remain the small-town girl with the rodeo spurs still hanging on her wall. To learn more about Josey Milner and get information on her music and tour dates visit






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