Christina Grimmie In Christ Alone

By Lauren Schwab

“Owl City’s cover of this inspired me to sing this for you guys. Easter is one of my faaaaaavorite holidays! JESUS CHRIST IS MY LORD AND SAVIOR and i’m not at all ashamed of it,” commented Christina.

hqdefaultI first heard Christina sing when I searched for the song “In Christ Alone” on You Tube. I was immediately captivated by her voice and love for the Lord. I began downloading her music and listened to it will taking a shower and getting ready to go out all the time. Her music always put me in a good mood. Christina truly used the talent God gave her to honor him and uplift others. She lived out the calling on her life until her last moment when she was called home.


1143289-Christina-Grimmie-Shani-Barel-Desser-617-309I was saddened and shocked to learn of her death. There is so much evil, hate and violence in this world. Heaven is a perfect place and I know with out a doubt Christina is singing with the Lord now. It is unfortunate her life ended so soon. She gave the world so much during the short time she was here. I will be inspired by her life everyday. She will serve as a constant reminder to love and honor the Lord by fulfilling my purpose in life.



Know one knows when it will be our last day. Let us life life to the fullest. Every moment we choose to me mad, ungrateful, insecure, and afraid are moments wasted. Let’s strive to make as many moments as we can joyful, grateful, confident and brave. I thank God for blessing the world with Christina. In Christ alone, my hope it found. In Christ alone I stand.


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