Monroeville Inspires the Next Generation to Make Music of Their Own

By Lauren Schwab

“I was determined to carve out a music of my own. I didn’t want to copy anybody.” These words and music by the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe, inspired Matt Munsey from a young age to do just that.

12363115_986785164693336_8228418364465349680_oNow a GRAMMY® nominated producer and engineer, Munsey strives to inspire the next generation by heading  the band Monroeville, a group of talented multi-instrumentalists and vocalists from diverse musical backgrounds. Building upon their 2012 International Bluegrass Music Association Momentum Band of the Year Award, Monroeville shows off their musical precision to premiere an all original rock / alternative project by featuring traditional acoustic instruments as a basis to create a sound all their own. 

12813924_1030526866985832_423026416295532401_nAt the band’s core is a belief that good music knows no boundaries. While paying homage to their roots of bluegrass and country music, Monroeville embraces that history and creates their own sound with original songwriting and arrangements that have been described as “a seamless flow through a range of musical styles and sounds, from bluegrass to country and pop.”

I talked with Munsey following a performance at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

10914848_829672030404651_4931998254454435097_oQ. What are your goals for the band and what do you enjoy most about it?

A. “Obviously we like creating music, we like playing together and entertaining people. Really the whole goal behind what we’re trying to do is a couple of things. First of all, we want to be an inspiration musically to young people because we were inspired at one point. I think it’s our responsibility to carry that inspiration on to inspire another generation to pick up and learn to play music. Then the other goal is to promote positive values in music. We aren’t a gospel band, but we try to promote songs that have some kind of a message that can uplift somebody, encourage them in a way or have a story you can learn from. So those are the two goals in what we are doing.”

10338342_282727385239378_4450270630541439334_nQ. What advice would you give to someone else who has a passion for music and is struggling with taking the steps to get started and get their voice heard?

A. “You have to really really want to do it, because it is probably the hardest thing you can choose to do. It’s not a typical job; you don’t just show up. You’re working for yourself. You never under appreciate what you think you’re worth. People don’t understand the amount of time that goes into just playing and singing. Years and years of practicing to get to a point where you can actually do it good, but never quit. If it’s what you want, don’t stop, you can always find a way.”

10398099_717925911579264_2244424066673984144_nIt is clear with Munsey’s lead, Monroeville is making new waves in music. Munsey feels he has been developing musically in his own way. He refers to it as, “Music that has always been in me but hasn’t had a chance to come out.” He wants to be original and that means getting away from what everybody else is doing. Monroeville recently recorded music in a New York City studio. Munsey had written a song and wanted to have orchestration written for it. Their single Save Me is just the start of their new sound, Monroeville fans will patiently be waiting for more. Their music will continue to uplift and inspire others to follow their dreams and make the most of the life they are given.

To keep up with Munsey and Monroeville visit their website and follow their social media pages:

1383046_1030527706985748_259649265986028435_n                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  MonroevilleVEVO

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