Steel Blossoms’ New Album is the “Pick Me Up” I Can’t Put Down

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

58445077_1355758421239899_4662695721504342016_nDuring an early morning drive to work or after a long day on my way home, I know Steel Blossoms’ music will be just the pick me up I need, so much that it is track five on their new album. The light hearted melodies with a twang while drinking a glass of Kentucky bourbon on the rocks will put you in the perfect mood.

Backstory to when I met Sara and Hayley years ago… I had just joined twitter as @farmgirlwcurls. I got a follow from @Steel_Blossoms, my mind fell in harmony with their traditional melodies yet comedic lyrics from a country girl’s honest story. Their tales of drinking, romance and country living with a twist that will have you laughing and dancing is just the music you are craving in a pop country world.

Next time the country music radio sounds too pop and overplayed for you, tune into Steel Blossoms, these girls will take you right where your mind and mood wants to be.

In their new album with Billy Jam Records, Sara and Hayley take you on highs and lows.


“You’re The Reason I Drink” is a classic favorite of mine that will leave you laughing and cheering with a drink in hand. Most everyone has someone who make them want a drink because they are difficult to deal with. Sara and Hayley will make you not feel alone on this one and it’s a perfect song to play at a bar or party.

The music takes a dramatic turn on track two, “Revenge”. They take a more serious and mysterious note. Deep long violin chords create a dark ambience to set the mood of a woman haunting someone who did her wrong.

Sweet Revenge ends and turns to an upbeat tune of short violin chords and guitar strums. The girls sing of their “Trailer Neighbor” who is always there for them. Their neighbor knows the gossip, brings their mail, lends a favor and always knows their martini flavor!

The next track, “County Line”, takes a different turn on country living. With the soft story of rich and poor towns. There is talk of poverty and addiction on the south side of the county line, yet on the north side there are problems being covered up with money to protect image and family name. They sing ,”It don’t matter where you started, you can end up broken hearted.”

57106643_1349256515223423_6311633455708897280_oThen to my favorite “Pick Me Up” this track rocks the steel guitar. You can’t not sing along and want your favorite drink in hand. I laugh when they sing, “I wake up and I dream of 6 o’clock…when I ask her for a double on the rocks.” This is so true for me after a day on the farm and I’m sure many of you can relate after a hard day.

Balancing the party song with the soft song of “Innocent” will have you thinking back to when you were a child. When all was simple, you hadn’t made mistakes or experienced heartache, fear or regret. Back when you trusted someone right away and didn’t worry.

The beat picks with with a girl’s anthem, “You Ain’t Sleeping Over”. This song sings of a girl putting her foot down to her man, he better put a ring on her finger or he ain’t sleeping over no more!

Followed with a sharp turn of pain, “Heroine” tells the raw truth of addiction. I commend Steel Blossoms for telling this story that many are afraid to speak up about. The honest lyrics bring awareness, they sing, “It’s the groom and I’m it’s bride, such a hopeless love affair.”

The next track, “Killed A Man”, is a story of a woman taking back control of her life in self defense. She wasn’t going to go down and sings, “I didn’t want to do it, but he’d of beat me to it…this is just my first offense, I acted out of self defense. If you only knew the circumstance, I bet your ass you would have killed that man!”

Ending with my favorite track on the album, “Kentucky’s Never Been This Far”, they sing a sweet love melody of how hard a long distance relationship can be. Even when the person is just hours away they might as well be to the moon because you miss and long for them so much. Soothing violin chords put you in a romantic mood longing for the one you love. The drawn out vocal chords singing “Tennessee” take you there, imagine yourself staring out the window while the one you love is doing the same from far away. I want to put this song on repeat and sing along over and over, I think you will too.

To buy the album visit or go to iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

Read the full interview here.

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