My Current Playlist

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I change songs when I change my mood. As a music junkie, I always want to know what music the musicians listen to. Maybe they just drive in silence for inspiration, but music is what inspires me and fuels my soul. If I were to get in the car this moment, I would press play to one of these artists:

Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication

Top favorite tracks are “Heartache Medication”, “Nobody Leaves a Girl Like That”, Me And Jack”, “Tequila Little Time” and “Starlight”.

If you’re looking for a traditional country sound with songs of heartbreak, romance on the honky tonk dance floor, a hard drink to party or relax with, this is the album to play.

Brantley GilbertFire & Brimstone

My Texas friend Brittany made me a Brantley fan ten years ago and I’ll never get over his sound. It’s so unique and gives a chill every time I hear his rough vocal chords. I live the country life but love rock n’ roll. Brantley’s music is the perfect combination. I often go back to my young days of running free in his story telling.

Top favorite tracks are “What Happens In A Small Town” (mostly because it features my favorite country rocker girl Lindsay Ell, who I am patiently awaiting new music from), “Laid Back Ride”, “Bad Boy”, “Breaks Down”,  “Man of Steel”, and “Man That Hung The Moon”.

Maddie & TaeOne Heart To Another + Everywhere I’m Goin’

Sometimes I just want some powerful girl songs to crank up and sing out! Top favorite tracks are “Bathroom Floor”, “Friends Don’t”, “Die From A Broken Heart”, “New Dog Old Tricks” and “Tourist In This Town”.

Their harmonic vocal blends with traditional yet powerful country notes will have you bobbing your head, clapping your hands and stomping your feet. All difficult to do while you drive, so just sing along as loud as you can. Maddie & Tae never fail to deliver and are the female voices I crave when I need to uplift my spirit.


The Tennessee mountains are always calling me. Mountains and music give me good vibes. When I discovered Monroeville’s music during a trip to the Smoky Mountains, I became a forever fan. Their music is a unique blend of genres with notes of Bluegrass. They are constantly carving out a sound of their own and have not failed to deliver in their new album. I am patiently awaiting my copy in the mail right now, but have loved hearing their new singles online and at live shows.

Top favorite tracks are “Them Good Vibes”, “I Don’t Wanna Adult Today”, “Tripping On Love”, “Just Move On”, “Free Flying” and “Is This A Dream”.

I hope this gives you some new music to jam to in your next car ride. Please comment with your current playlist, let’s keep sharing the love of music and supporting artists. I am thankful for the short daydream and inspiration each song gives me.

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Join Lauren as she writes stories on farming and country music as a way of life. Be inspired by the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams a reality and leave your mark on the world!

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