Tenille Townes Dedicates New Single “In My Blood” To Women Who Feed the Nation

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

“I’m never giving up, it’s in my blood” sings Tenille Townes in celebration of the 50th anniversary of female membership in the National FFA Organization.

IMG_0210Growing up on a farm always has a special place in my heart. Some mornings I wonder when our farm will come to an end. I’ve decided no matter what time tells, caring for the land and animals is in my blood. When I have a really hard day on the farm I think about the stories I will tell to others when I am an old lady. What’s important is to tell my story everyday. When I hold a piglet tight in my arms in the morning and wash pig poop off my boots at night, I did the best I could that day. Every time I throw a pair of work boots in the dumpster, I wonder when it will be my last. “In My Blood” is a song that reminds me I will carry farming with me wherever I go, it will always be part of who I am.

bg-ffa-videoHer sincere vocals tell the story of mothers and daughters caring for each other and the land. “There’s a piece of me in these fields of gold, when I drive by I feel it in my soul,” sings Tenille. The photos in the music video show real women working hard for their families and to feed the world. “It is an honor to have written this song with the heart of women in agriculture in mind,” shares Tenille, “These are the women who inspire and shape all of us and it makes me think of the strong women in my life I grew up looking up to. The ones who made me believe anything is possible.”

FFA Lauren
2007 FFA Graduation Photo

I am proud to be a lifetime member of the FFA. Farming gave me a foundation for life and FFA taught me how to believe in myself. It taught me how to write about my life and speak up on behalf of agriculture. Tenille shares about her time at the National FFA Convention, “I had the honor of attending the FFA Convention last year, and was blown away by the spirit and confidence of the young people there. This song, ‘In My Blood,’ celebrates their values of hard work, courage and integrity, and we had so much fun recording it alongside a wonderful group of women in the studio.”

IMG_3917Women inspire one another to never give up. Tenille’s encouraging words remind me of how hard I’ve worked. I would tell every girl to believe in yourself, keep working hard and carry on with what is in your blood. Listen to Tenille now on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.


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