“We Were Rich” sings Runaway June In New Single, Reminding All Country Kids Of When We Had It All

By Lauren Schwab Eyre 

My Dad with me as a baby on his tractor

Growing up on a farm was paradise to my brother and I. If there were hard times for Mom and Dad we didn’t know about them. We went out to our 40 acre backyard to play, explore and imagine. Being in the woods or taking care of the pigs was fun. Driving around in Grandpa’s truck was the best time. We had it all and were rich in our minds.

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 2.09.04 PMRunaway June brings every country kid’s rich paradise to life in their newly released single “We We’re Rich“. With the addition of Natalie Stovall’s fiddle playing to the track, it creates a beautiful melody to take you back in time when you were young.

Me loving a rain puddle in the barnyard

From finding change in the couch to sharing one bathroom sink, it’s the simplicity of growing up without a lot, but believing you had it all that I miss. “We didn’t have it all, but we all thought we did. And Mama always said that we were blessed and I believed her. I never thought the grass was greener, on the other side of our old chain link fence. Yeah, We Were Rich,” sing Runaway June.

Runaway-June-1593610872-2560x1442When Runaway June heard “We Were Rich” for the first time they new it was special, “Before the first verse was finished our eyes were brimming with tears and we were jolted back in time to squirming around on a church pew. Imaginations were vivid and maybe the only worry you had was a flat bicycle tire,” they share on Instagram, “The power that music has to heal, to transport, to give courage or bring back visceral memories is some of the most potent medicine we can ever experience and this song has done that over and over again. Our dream now is to share that experience with you all with our brand new single ‘We Were Rich’. Thank you @nicatnitemusic, @rosscopperman, Ashley Gorley for this pure piece of classic country music and for letting us take it into the world.”

Runaway-June-1589556675-2560x1442Runaway June are truly down to earth women whom I had the pleasure of interviewing at the National FFA Convention. Read our interview: Runaway June Tells FFA Members to Run Toward Their Dreams. With the new addition of Natalie Stovall, I can’t wait to hear their new music and see where it takes them! To catch up with all Runaway June is doing follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and visit runawayjune.com.

Listen to “We Were Rich” on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music now!

Photo Credit to Runaway June Instagram

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