Fordie Hays Releases His New Single “More In This Glass” We Can Turn Up During Our Down Times

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

10308238_1606546179632598_4030343207866248843_nFor days when you need a moment to soak life in and think a little deeper. For nights when it isn’t just about the drink and no one really knows what you are going through, this song is for you. Fordie Hays releases his new single “More In This Glass” we can turn up during our down times.

95035874_2718277031792835_6738798696672002048_nThe country melody with soft piano paints a picture of a man on a bar stool down on his luck with the loss of love. “Glass half empty filled up to the rim, there ain’t enough whiskey to bring her back again,” sings Fordie.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.00.15 AMThe Mississippi native creates country music for all of life’s moments. “This song, I put my heart and soul into…. Fordie Hays is just a boy from south Mississippi who’s always worked with his two hands. Who’s always tried to do better than the day before and show my kids, don’t give up on your dreams just because the world comes to a stop,” says Fordie on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.02.27 AMWhen he’s home from Nashville, Fordie spends time with his family and working in the shop. “Most of the scars on my hands are from learning how to work on things from dad right here… Sometimes I wish this old shop could talk but other days I am glad it can’t, this is the place where I truly feel at home.”

Screen Shot 2020-08-10 at 10.11.45 AMFordie doesn’t shy from sharing his life in music and on social media. After leaving Nashville in 2016 to raise his kids in Mississippi, he reignited his music career during a trip to Las Vegas. Fordie is keeping his music alive while sharing it with his family.

97559203_2737513609869177_4608421388015894528_n“More In This Glass” is a song we can relate to in any loss or uncertainty. The truthful lyrics and guitar melody set the mood for the tough time you are going through. Listen and download “More In This Glass” now on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Follow Fordie’s journey on his Instagram @fordie40, Facebook and YouTube. Watch the acoustic performance of “More In This Glass” here:

“But there’s more in this glass than what I’m drinkin’. More than that song the band is playin’. Hurts a little more than what I’m lettin’ on. More to it than just she’s gone. It may look like I’m playin’ it cool, but there’s less of a man on this bar stool. More to the story than what you’re thinkin’, more in this glass than what I’m drinkin’,” sings Fordie.


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