Four New Songs For Your Heart From Lindsay Ell

By Lauren Schwab Eyre 

lindsayell_hearttheory_cvr_3000x3000Our hearts can go through many feelings. Sometimes you just need a song that understands what yours is going through and a girl who gets you. That girl is Lindsay Ell. From the moment I saw her rock out on stage, yet keep a country simplicity, I knew her music got me. I can turn on her music during any drive and feel everything in the songs from the lyrics to the melody and her uplifting guitar solos.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 5.29.17 PMLindsay’s musical style is the perfect combination of simple and rocker chic. It’s country with an edge and she delivers it in her new album heart theory, the follow-up to her 2017 debut, The ProjectLindsay describes her style as groovy and soul to Taste of Country.

The album track listing has capital letters in some song titles spelling out HEART THEORY. “If theory is the science of music, heart theory is the science of a heart,” Lindsay says, “I hope this road map can be a comfort if you need it, reassurance when you need to remember to believe in yourself or maybe just a glimpse into a memory that’s made you who you are,” Lindsay tells CMT.

Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 5.29.43 PM

Here are four new songs for your heart from Lindsay Ell:

“wAnt me back” 

The single was the first to release from heart theory and uplifts every girl who has been left in a relationship. When she finds a guy wanting her back after he ended things, this song will give her the confidence to know she is worth more and can’t blame him.

“good on you”

The soulful groovy vibe comes alive in this song. Lindsay sings about seeing an old love happy again. His white t-shirt, smile and new girl all make him look good. While she wants him to be happy, she hates how happy looks so good on him without her.

“ReadY to love”

You can feel the sun shine after the hard days from a break up in this song. Lindsay is ready to love, trust, put her heart out there and feel again. The upbeat tune with rockin’ guitar solo closes the album, lifting you up and giving you hope that you can love again.

“Faithful” Duet with Tucker Beathard

This intimate duet released by Tucker and Lindsay understands the longing of each person wanting to be faithful in the relationship, but not knowing if the other will always be. They see so many people not being faithful because they swear it’s too hard. They both lay it all out on the table and tell each other if they are both willing, let’s be faithful. The soft guitar solo will give you chills and is perfect to listen to anytime you want to imagine the romance of two people committing to always be faithful. This studio single is set to release on Tucker’s upcoming project, King, out August 21.

For more music for your heart listen to the full album heart theory out now!

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