Andrew Hopson’s Music Video “New To Neon” Captivates TRaditional Country Sound In Bright Lights Of Music City

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Finding your way in a new town with a new crowd can be hard for any girl. Lonely nights can make you head to the honky tonk for a good time, but what happens when you’re new to the neon lights? Andrew Hopson’s newly released music video “New To Neon” shows a story of a straight-laced girl trying to find her way through the bright lights of Music City. The new song is now available for download and streaming; listen to it HERE.

Andrew narrates the story from the corner of a smoky bar. The video glows of neon lights and shows scenes of a girl meeting new friends and a guy buying her a round for the first time. She starts out shy then begins to have fun with her new crowd. Towards the end of the video, she has a bad night at the bar by drinking too much and feeling heartache. The video comes full circle when she invites a new girl to join her friends for drinks.

The traditional country sound will captivate your mind, imagining the girl in the song or perhaps take you back to a time when you were “New To Neon” yourself. Written by songwriting powerhouses Brian Callihan (Cole Swindell, Dylan Scott) and Phillip O’Donnell (George Strait, Blake Shelton, Billy Ray Cyrus), “New to Neon” was meant for that classic country baritone voice that Andrew sings perfectly. He paints the picture singing, Wall Street dress showing that sprayed on sunshine,” as the heroine is introduced to the rowdy country nightlife filled with music and drinks, he continues, She ain’t never felt the world shake from an old bar stool.

Andrew continues the traditional country sound from his previous single “Stronger Than That”. A sound he will always hold true, “Country music reflects the heart of our country’s pioneer spirit,” Andrew says of country greats like Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash, who influenced Andrew at a young age as they were spun regularly in the Hopson household. He grew up in the small town of Tazewell, Tennessee spending his free time hunting, fishing, and playing music, “I’m just a country boy singing about country life in East Tennessee,” says Andrew.

As he works toward the release of his first EP, visit to learn more about him. Listen to “New To Neon” now on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. Follow Andrew on Instagram @theandrewhopson to be the first to know about his new music. Photo Credit to Andrew Hopson Instagram

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