Waking Up To You Is Like Christmas Morning

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Do you remember the excitement you felt as a kid on Christmas morning? I remember it being so hard to sleep with all the anticipation of waking up to gifts under the tree. I knew it would be a day of fun and so special. As we get older many of us can get tired of working and responsibilities. We begin to cherish moments like Christmas morning when we can relax and be with ones we love. Eric Burgett’s new single “Christmas Morning” captures Christmas love in a song. He sings about the feeling of being so in love, waking up with his girl is like Christmas morning everyday. It’s something to look forward to, even when life is hard.

The song opens with a light piano melody and soft jingle of bells to give the Christmas feel. He sings about working so hard and growing tired, but it’s all ok because waking up to his girl every morning is like Christmas. “Waking up to you girl is like Christmas morning. 365 yeah you’re a gift I get to open. When the sun shines through the blinds my eyes can’t believe what I’m holding. Waking up to you girl is like Christmas morning,” sings Eric. Watch the heart warming lyric video now!

After four Christmas mornings spent with my husband Ryan, this song made me want to look back on our Christmas memories. When farm life gets hard and wears me down, waking up to Ryan is like Christmas morning. He always makes me feel better and I love his Christmas spirit. He takes this spirit into everyday, he gets excited about the little things in life and always makes me feel special. “You’re a 24/7 holiday. Baby dim the lights, pop the champagne. Everything about you wanna celebrate,” sings Eric.

Stream and Download “Christmas Morning” today, it’s a tune you’ll want to listen to with the one you love all year long! Visit ericburgett.com and follow him on Instagram @ericburgettmusic for more country tunes featuring his talented piano playing with a farm boy twist.

P.S. Of course every morning is like Christmas with our cute bulldog, Blaze!

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