“Ever Since I Left Ya, You Put The Ex In Extra” Sings Kylie Trout In Her Honest, Relatable, Fun New Single

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Most of us have one person in our lives that is so over the top, goes out of their way, but not in the way we want. There is only one word to describe them, “Extra”. With a voice beyond her years along to a soft groovy guitar tune, Kylie Trout sings about her ex being so “Extra”. The single is an R&B-meets-country track telling a story that is honest, relatable and fun. Read on to learn how Kylie started writing her own music and the modern twist on classic country storytelling in “Extra” came to be…

Growing Up…

While growing up with her grandparents in California, music was Kylie’s saving grace. After experiencing abuse from her biological mother at a young age, she turned to music to help convey her feelings and process emotion. “Growing up without my mom, it still gets to me to this day. That really led me to music… It was my outlet, took me away from reality for a second. I always talk about that three minutes of happiness you get in a song. That’s how I fell in love with music,” tells Kylie.

When you hear her voice, you would never believe Kylie was once a shy girl. She worked up the courage to perform at her fourth grade talent show. She stole the stage singing Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. From that day she fell in love with performing. “I just knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, it sparked something inside of me and I went for it,” says Kylie. After years of vocal lessons, she began writing and recording her own music. “Getting my stories out there to hopefully help other people relate to situations I write about. It’s full circle because music helped me growing up, now I’m able to do that through my own music,” shares Kylie.

Writing Three Minutes Of Happiness…

From writing about her mother, to writing light-hearted, relatable songs like “Extra,” versatility is truly Kylie’s strong suit. “I think all of my songs hold a different story,” she tells, “I want to mix everything around and tell completely different stories.” Written by Kylie, after multiple rewrites with the help of Jason Hamer and Mark Addison Chandler, Extra” was inspired by the aftermath of a breakup and an ex who made a habit of going the extra mile. The fun music video shows Kylie dealing with her ex flaunting his new girl around town. When he comes back to her, she wants nothing to do with him. “I love the vibe of this song, It’s kind of different for me, but at the same time, I feel like it goes with my previous songs. I feel like it’s a good mix,” says Kylie.

Co-writing gives Kylie the opportunity to tell her stories in different ways she wouldn’t have thought of alone. “I just love working with new people… The writing process is different for everybody. It’s intriguing working with different people and the different ideas that mesh together. That’s why I like co-writing with multiple people because they can come up with something I would never think of by myself,” shares Kylie.

Courage & Confidence

With a producer and fans believing in her music, Kylie has continued to build her confidence. In what has been a difficult year for many, she encourages other artists to take a break when they need to and know they are enough in a world where there is so much talent. “Your mental health is super important, take that time and look at all your accomplishments. Look at what you’re doing and remind yourself, you are enough. You’re on your path, everyone has their own journey.” Kylie looks forward to building her relationships with fans and producing new music in the coming year. To give “three minutes of happiness,” sharing the life lessons instilled in her through her music.

With the release of her new song, “Extra,” this is a guarantee. “Things happen in life, and we may not like them, and bad things happen to good people, but at the end of the day, there’s a reason for everything, and I like to convey that in my songs. I hope that gets across to people who listen to the music,” says Kylie. Listen to “Extra” now on all platforms. Follow her journey on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and visit kylietrout.com.

Photo Credit to Kylie Trout website, press release and social media

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