My Top Cozy Country Songs For Staying In

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

For when a winter storm hits or your plans get cancelled, we all can use a song to make us feel cozy at home. Whether it be a date night in, cuddling by the fire on a snowy day or being alone missing someone. Songs can bring out the comfort we long for, so get in some soft clothes and press play to my top cozy country songs for staying in…

“Cozy” by Monroeville

This song will make you feel exactly what they sing. With the soft harmonic vocals of Matt and his wife Brittany coupled with the relaxed melody, you will be daydreaming of snuggling up on the couch with your honey and some wine. Monroeville carves out a sound of their own; this song is no exception and is perfect for staying in anytime of year. Play it whenever you want to escape the bad weather or busy world.

“Dirty Dishes” by Granger Smith

If you’re looking for a cozy date night in, this song will make you want to snuggle with the one you love. The fun guitar melody with Granger’s sincere country voice has you imagining loving on someone so much the dirty dishes can wait. He sings of making Sunday night seem like morning by drawing the curtains shut, having breakfast in bed and letting the biscuits burn like their kisses because they don’t want to leave bed. Play it whenever you need to make your date night seem like a cozy morning sleeping in.

“Dancin’ In The Kitchen” by Steel Blossoms

For the night when you had plans, then decided to stay inside. This is the perfect simple country song to play that turns your kitchen into a dance floor. Hayley and Sara sing harmony to fun thoughts of forgetting the reservations to a fancy dinner, they are just fine dancing in the kitchen with someone they love until the candles all burn out.

“Lonely Weekend” by Kacey Musgraves

While cozy nights in with someone you love can be great, some nights we are alone. Kacey brings the relatable reality to life in her song. With a soft yet fun melody, she sings of being alone all weekend. While she fears missing out on what her friends are doing, she still doesn’t mind being alone. We all miss someone sometimes, “Even if you got somebody on your mind, it’s alright to be alone sometimes,” she sings.

Photo Credit to artists’ Facebook social media pages

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