Andrew Beam Delivers True Country Story-Telling in “You Should See The Other Guy” A Song About Seeing Her With The Man He Couldn’t Be

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Photo Credit @j.hodgeproductions

We all have moments of regret. When we see someone else happy because of them, it can hit us the most. With a classic country twang, North Carolina native Andrew Beam will convict your heart in his new single “You Should See The Other Guy”. His honest story-telling lyrics will have you imagining his pain of seeing a woman with another man, the man he couldn’t be for her.

The heartbreaking single was written alongside his producer, Joe Taylor, as a modern-day answer to Glen Campbell’s “Gentle On My Mind.” Andrew spoke about the track, saying, “The song talks about how he’s a Casanova, guitar-player guy that has a lady in every town. And so, we took that and made our song a twenty-year later realization of, ‘I messed up. I’m a jerk, but you should see the other guy. This guy’s awesome and gave her the life she always wanted.'”

The lyrics in the song are captured by the classic country sound in Andrew’s vocals. You can hear the rawness in his voice, giving you a vivid image of his pain seeing her happy with a man he couldn’t be. “You should see the other guy, he ain’t nothin’ like me, she done found her the kind of man that I couldn’t be,” Andrew sings, “I did everything wrong, she found Mr. Right. I lay awake at night, ask myself why, why, why? You should see the other guy.”

Photo Credit @j.hodgeproductions

Each verse is a progression of “the other guy” becoming more of what the woman wants and what Andrew couldn’t give her. From putting a ring on her hand to giving her a home and family, he sings the hard truth of running out of time. “She had enough, well I ran out of time. You should see the other guy, he ain’t nothin’ like me,” Andrew sings, “Well I broke her heart and he gave her a diamond ring. His love for her grows strong, while I’m fading out of sight, I lay awake at night, ask myself why, why, why? You should see the other guy.”

This single is no exception to the honest raw country music Andrew will be releasing on an up-coming album, Selma by Sundown. His roots to traditional country and bluegrass are true. Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in a one-stoplight town, this shaped Andrew’s outlook on life and continues to influence his songwriting. A country state of mind has woven the trail of his life from his career in law enforcement to inevitable country music singer.

Photo Credit @j.hodgeproductions

Love of the land through hunting and fishing, Andrew shares his life as @beamcountry on Instagram. Follow him for new music releases capturing country at it’s best. “Welcome to Beam Country….Beam like the whiskey, Country like the music,” he says at Listen and download “You Should See The Other Guy” today on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Photo Credit to @beamcountry Instagram

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