In That Moment You Find The Love Note From When You Were Together And You Keep It “Just In Case”, Morgan Johnston Sings Of Wanting To Hold On

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

You haven’t thought of him in months, you think you are feeling better then you find something that reminds you of when the two of you were in love. A note, a hat you wore when he kissed you, so you hold on to it just in case. Morgan Johnston paints the picture of not just holding on to something, but also holding on to love in her new single “Just In Case“.

“But it doesn’t bother me and doesn’t take up too much space, so I kept it just in case. Just in case this isn’t it and our goodbye doesn’t stick. You might want back my love for you someday, so I kept it just in case.”

– Morgan Johnston

Songwriting was Morgan’s first love, learning guitar at age 13. Growing up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts with a love for animals and traveling with her dad to events led her to singing the National Anthem and open mic nights. Singing and songwriting had been just for fun until her eyes were opened to the possibility of making music a career in Nashville. When a friend introduced her to Brett Young, he shared his music journey with Morgan. She made the move to Nashville and more than four years later is releasing music true to her own sound. ““I fell in love with the magic of the city and I think Brett allowed me to believe it was possible. The rest was me taking that leap of faith and following that passion of mine,” shares Morgan.

While the musical likes of female country artists such as Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris have inspired Morgan, being herself in each lyric she writes has led her to developing a sound that is uniquely her. “Finding my own sound is a matter of being authentic to myself and my own story because the only thing that sets you apart from other people is that you are the only you,” she says.

The day she went into the studio to write “Just In Case” had started with an idea of holding onto something from a past relationship. “I had gone through a breakup and was having a hard time getting rid of some of the things. As time had gone by, I thought I was better, but came to a realization I was maybe not doing as well as I thought I was,” tells Morgan. The idea for the song then went from “I’m keeping these physical things in case you come back, to keeping my love for you in case you come back.”

As you listen to Morgan’s voice with the melody, your mind will be taken into a nostalgic retrospection of past love. How things bring up memories and a sense of longing. Reflecting on how you felt when you were with them. Not knowing what the future holds, so holding on to that something or feeling you have of when you were together – just in case.

“I don’t want to move on if there’s a chance that you’ll be back. Until I know it’s over things will stay right where they’re at.”

– Morgan Johnston

Morgan’s dynamic vocals and descriptive lyrics create an emotional flashback for the listener. A delicate piano melody and steel guitar along with softness in the bass and percussion drive the movement of the song. “Just In Case” is captivating and nothing short of vulnerability. Listeners are sure to find a piece of themselves and feel the weight behind Morgan’s words in the strength of her performance.

Being her authentic self in every song and show is what Morgan believes to be her advice to others. “If you want to move here (Nashville) you have to love it, but you have to love it for the right reasons… To get through the longevity and enjoy the process, you have to love music… Stay authentic to you and don’t talk yourself into being different, you are different enough just being you. I keep telling myself there’s nobody else like me and if I tell my true story that’s what will make me unique,” says Morgan.

She used last year to work on her writing and connect with publishers so this year she could get after her artistry and have the songs that really describe her as an artist. With plans to deliver more music and performances this year, fans will hear and see just who Morgan Johnston is. Stream and download her single “Just In Case” now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other platforms. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and visit for the latest on her new music and Nashville life.

Photo Credit to Morgan Johnston Instagram.

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