If My Heartbreak Was A Song, I Want Daves Highway To Sing It – The Trio Brings The Perfect Sound To Lyrics Your Heart Longs For

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

At first listen, their infectious harmonic vocals will have you swaying and singing along to the self-titled song collection of “Hate That You Hate Me” and Why Do We Need Em”. Daves Highway is a Mississippi-born trio comprised of siblings Delaney, Zachary and Erika Daves. After meeting them at a songwriter night in Nashville earlier this year, I learned just why everyone is raving about their music.

They bring a refreshing sound you just can’t help but feel better when you listen to. The trio’s voices combine to create a remarkable musical blend, which can only be attributed to what’s known in the South as “blood harmony.” Their love of music was inherited from their parents and it wasn’t long until the siblings picked up instruments and discovered the unparalleled sound they create when singing together.

“Why Do We Need Em”

When you experience heartbreak and it hurts so much, why do we even need a heart? This heartbroken question is brought forth through the captivating harmony and soulful melody in “Why Do We Neem Em”. Written by Hannah Ellis, Natalie Hemby, Josh Kear – the song takes the listener through all reasons we shouldn’t need a heart when it can so easily break. While the lyrics can bring a sadness of heartbreak to mind, they are executed in an energetic way through the trios complementary vocals that turn this into an self-empowering song you’ll want to sing along to.

“Why do we need em? Tell me what good do they do? When they spend more time breaking than beating, What would it hurt me? If I never had to feel the fall. If a heart is essential, then why is love is difficult? Why do we need em at all?”

– Daves Highway

“Hate That You Hate Me”

Raw emotion through soft vocals and delicate guitar chords creates a vulnerable state of wanting the best for your ex, but not wanting them to hate you in “Hate That You Hate Me”. Written by Hannah Ellis, Natalie Hemby, Josh Kerr – the song takes you into the mind of a heartbroken girl who expresses all her feelings after a relationship ends. As she goes on in life, she doesn’t expect them to still think about her or think fondly of her, but just doesn’t want them to hate her. The gentle tone of the song sets the mood for someone who is opening themselves up, hoping they won’t be hated and can go on having that peace in their heart.

“I don’t need you to need me or call me when you’re feeling lonely. I don’t want you to act like you’re getting over me slowly. I don’t hope you’re thinking of me when somebody calls you, “Baby”. I don’t care if you don’t love me. I just hate that you hate me.”

– Daves Highway

The trio is managed by Jake Owen‘s Good Company Entertainment, where Owen himself serves as head of A&R for the roster. They are working on recording more music as you read this and look forward to sharing more new music soon. Stream and download the two singles now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube and other platforms. Follow them on Instagram @daveshighway to be in the know of new releases and tour dates.

Photo Credit to Daves Highway website and Instagram

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