Small Town Roads & Turning 21, Dylan Schneider Sings of Feeling All Mixed Up In Love

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

Dylan Schneider brings two new singles this fall, each captivating young love in its own way that is sure to leave you reminiscing of small town roads, first loves and the inability to slow down time as we begin to close in on another year.

You may know the roads like the back of your hand. Every curve, every turn can stir up a memory of when you were young. Then you loose a love and all of a sudden you feel lost driving around the small town you grew up in. When thinking about them leaves you feeling all mixed up, press play to Dylan Schneider’s release of “Lost In A Small Town”. The country melody takes you through the lost feeling you have never known before. His lyrics bring out the longing of wanting to find that love again and how crazy it makes you feel.

“Baby, how am I lost in a small town, rolling up and down these roads that I grew up on. You can say it’s all these memories, of what we used to be keeping me from moving on. I ain’t crazy, but I feel crazy baby. Since you been nowhere to be found, I’ve been lost lost lost. Girl, you got me lost in a small town.”

– Dylan Schneider

Sometimes young love just doesn’t work out. Dylan sings the story of two kids parting ways because they need the time to grow up first in his new single, “21 and Over”. The soft tones and truthful lyrics, describe the hard reality of life moving fast. Though it doesn’t seem like it when you are young, in an instance you’ll be 21.

“Young love hates to admit it, two sixteen year old kids get so wrapped up in the moment they forget they got to get older. Just like that in an instance, blink of any eye, one minute. You’re eighteen and couldn’t be closer, next thing you know you’re 21 and over.”

– Dylan Schneider

Dylan’s music releases won’t be slowing down with plans to continue writing and touring as he joins LANCO on their Honky Tonk Hippies tour this fall. To stay in the know of new music and tour dates follow him on Instagram @dylanschneidermusic. Stream and download these new singles now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and other platforms.

Photo credit to Dylan Schneider Instagram

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