The Same Sip of Bourbon on Ice Doesn’t Get Her Out of Stu Basham’s Mind

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

When love is lost, all you can do is try to move on, but what if you keep replaying the same memory of them leaving over and over again in your mind? Just as Stu Basham replays the memories of a past relationship while sipping on bourbon, I keep replaying his new single “Same Sip Different Day”. If you are looking for a sound that combines early 00’s pop rock with all the country feels this is for you. Stu’s voice to the electric guitar with heartbreak country lyrics meshes together perfectly and I am here for it.

“Wishing on the same stars at the same bar with the same Maker’s Mark with this broken heart…this heartbreak is never going to change cause it’s a same sip different day.”

– Stu Basham

The song takes you through the emotions of heartbreak. With what starts as a sip of bourbon to ease the pain while trying to forget, turns into the everlasting memory of her leaving. The love they had is too strong to let go of and making it a double day after day doesn’t make the longing for her go away. The roll off the tongue lyrics sang by Stu’s passionate vocals will have you feeling his agony. All his emotions are drowned into a glass of Makers Mark that never runs dry. So, press play to “Same Sip Different Day” now on all streaming platforms.

About Stu aka “Captain Country”

Raised in Oregon, Stu was on his way to becoming a commercial pilot. He got tired of working on his “backup plan” and went to pursue his passion for songwriting and performing. The long journey took him to Denver, New York City, and now he’s landed in Nashville. After writing pop songs for most of his life, his country-loving wife turned him on to Rascal Flatts and many other country artists. He was hooked and continued to dive deeper into the genre, finding new inspiration in artists like Luke Combs, Zac Brown Band, and Old Dominion. His older brother shared Dave Matthews Band with him as a kid and Stu has since mixed that influence with a modern country sound, creating a unique take on country, rock, and jam band music with a heavy focus on lyrics, a staple of the Nashville songwriting scene.

I’m excited for all the music Stu brings. His unique sound has me hooked. Check out his singles released earlier this year on Spotify and streaming platforms. Follow him on Instagram @stubasham to be in the know of new releases you won’t want to miss!

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