That’s Between Warren Garrett & the “Bank” – His New Single on “Reel” Matters

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

On a day when nothing goes your way and there is no money in the bank account, you go to the only bank that matters. Reeling the fish in is all you need to let your mind escape. The perfect day of not caring about anything outside of you and a fishing rod is captured in Warren Garrett’s new single “Bank”. This reminds me of the day when I was catching fish bigger that my piglets in South Louisiana. When I felt that big tug from the water, all my mind was focused on was not letting that fish get away. So, when you need some time away, go on and press play to “Bank”…

“Rollin’ down the road not worried about what I owe. That’s between me and the bank, watching white bobbers sink…”

-Warren Garrett

“The song is really about having a rough day, you get fired and decide to go fish about it,” tells Warren, “I love the attitude of ‘whatever, gonna have a good day anyway’ in the song.” The music video brings this to life as it shows Warren losing his job, realizing he has no money in his bank account and deciding to head out to the bank to fish. His rough around the edges attitude meets a simple country life in this single as he rocks out playing the guitar on the fishing boat and leaves his worries behind with each fish he reels in.

This song will have you singing along with your head bouncing like a fishing bobber from the start. Warren brings a style of music country folk can relate to. Growing up in upstate South Carolina, Warren played his dad’s old guitar to bluegrass and gospel tunes as a young boy. Yet, listening to old school rock and country led him to blend these sounds together when creating his own music, “I really came into my own in Nashville, figuring out what my artistry would look like. My style is a little more edgy. It’s old country mixed with a little rock and roll,” explains Warren.

He wrote the song some time ago with Brian Frazier and Jeff Hodge. It was produced by Nick Gibbens and Grayson Green designed the artwork. Seeing how the crowd responds when performing “Bank” has been one of the most rewarding parts of releasing the single for Warren. “There is curiosity when you take something you and your friends created that you like for whatever reason but seeing how a crowd responds or connects to it is a reward. My passion has always been connecting with a crowd by communicating with song and watching how people respond to music,” he shares.

Don’t wait any longer to stream or download “Bank” on Spotify and all music platforms. You can follow Warren on Instagram @warrengarrettmusic and visit to be in the know of new music releases and shows you won’t want to miss. I will leave you with his rockin’ performance of the song with the band at Live Oak in Nashville…

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