You Must Listen to These Before 2023

By Lauren Schwab Eyre

I’ve rounded up eight country songs you must listen to before the new year. Whether you want to get lost in the country, be a country boy’s dream girl, put your heartbreak on ice or watch a moonrise, these songs will set the mood to end the year right.

“Lost In A Country Song” Adam Warner

For when you want to live out your own country love song – you drive out to the country with your girl, don’t tell her where you are going, and run out of gas on purpose. Adam Warner creates his own country romance in this song that is sure to inspire you to do the same.

“Slow Drawl” – Jenna Paulette

For all the cowgirls who are just fine all on their own, there is still something about the sound of a cowboy’s slow drawl that can make you want to rope him in. Jenna sings of falling fast for a boy when she hears the sound of his voice and appreciates all the good country manners that come with it.

“She Goes Home” – Grant Gilbert

Grant speeds the lyrics up in this dirty break up song that will have you dancing with a drink in hand in no time. While the guy goes out to the bar to quickly look for a new girl to forget her, she goes home to really deal with her emotions.

“Heartbreak On Ice” – Tupelo Honey

For those that do go to the bar after a breakup, there is one way to rid of your heartbreak, just put it on ice. Tupelo Honey sings of going to the bar and running into your ex. While it didn’t work out, seeing them again makes you want to forget the past. For tonight, love is on the rocks…

“I Want You” – Nate Kenyon

You can feel the longing in Nate’s voice as he sings of how badly he wants her back. Describing all the details of what he wants her to be wearing and where he wants her to be with him. It may be selfish to ask for her back because he wants her to be happy, but he just can’t help how he feels.

“Country Boy’s Dream Girl” – Ella Langley

In a smooth southern voice, Ella sings of how she is a country boy’s dream girl. If you want to ride real slow, crank some old George Jones and put a little something in your sweet tea. If you like a sky full of stars, then you can love her on the back porch and kiss her on the dance floor in a t-shirt and faded jeans.

“Moonrise” – Granger Smith

You’ve been flying solo for so long that when you meet her you feel like you are floating in the sky, like you are watching everything from above. He’s looking down on city lights, watching fireworks and the world turn underneath them. Granger describes feeling so high in love it’s like walking on a moonrise.

“Can’t Nobody” – Mackenzie Carpenter

In the most innocent voice, Mackenzie sings of all the things only certain people can do. Can’t nobody write a song like Dolly, get her tipsy like Jack, raise hell like Dale comin’ down that last lap, knock em’ out like Rocky, rock em’ like Daisy Duke, love June like Johnny, and can’t nobody break her heart like he does.

Cheers to 2023 and the great country music that will come for all of life’s moments. Be sure to follow me @farmgirlwithcurls on Instagram to stay in the know of blog posts featuring new music reviews and exclusive interviews from artists you won’t want to miss.

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